Thursday, August 1, 2013

Day 30 Three Good Things That Have Happened in The Past 30 Days.

WOW! This is the end of our 30 days post challenge. I would conclude that it is really enjoyable and fun. We actually spent about a week plus to plan the layout for the blog and a lot of runnings to actually take the right picture for our blog header since we were all on our own. We do not have the remote so we run to the camera after each shot haha. Anyway, it feels good to be back in the blogosphere again after like 5 years (for me)? haha And, the three of us actually get to know each other better after we started the blog. For instance, I know that Yi Ru had got into minor car accidents twice LOL. *slapinyourface

In the past 30 Days...

1. Silk Screen Printing
I volunteered at Chow Kit Kita for one of their Bengkel Cetak T-Shirt :). The 'workshop' is actually a training session for the young facilitators who are aged between 17 - 20 (if I am not wrong) before they run the real one for the high school students. For my session, it was run by a pair of twins who taught us how to do a silk screen printing. We were provided with tips and technics to cut our own stencil but it can be quite difficult especially for the curvy edge. But, practice makes perfect! haha. Printing on the shirt was pretty easy. I guess the hardest part will be washing off the paint on the silk screen. Almost instantly after we are done printing on the shirt, we have to rush to the toilet to wash it off as it gets dried up pretty quick. The red little monster in the picture below is my first ever silk screen printing! :)

2. A Lesson from John-Son Oei
I went to TEDxMMU for the first time. This is my second TEDx event for 2013. John-Son Oei, the speaker who presented during the first TEDx I attended was there too! He spoke about the steps of building a home and how to actually apply these steps in one's life. 

1. Identify a new site - identify your current challenges.  
2. Footing - Decide on your principles, find your balance, dig deep.  
3. Structure - Explore your passions and interest.  
4. Flooring - Decide on what you want to do.  
5. Roofing - How can you serve others?  
6. Cladding and Finishing - Let it happen naturally, if it goes wrong, you can easily change this. 

3. A postcard from a friend.
It is from Alyssa, a Phillipines friend whom I met during my participation in Schneider Electric East Asia Challenge. She is very sweet, chatty and cheerful. So our team clicked with her almost instantly. It was a really different experience for me since it was my first time travelling out of the country to a foreign place where I get to know people from all over Asia. Not much of a cultural shock, it was like a cultural study trip haha. My team and I also picked up some of their language. Trust me, Vietnam language is the toughest! They have seven different vowel heights?! Anyway, back to the post card! Alyssa and Enzo (her teammate) actually emerged as the champion in the East Asia Challenge and again as the Global Champion during the final round in Paris. Hence, the postcard from her in Paris. :) 

This is Musée du Louvre where they display Mona Lisa.

That's the three good things that have happened to me in the past 30 days. Meantime, there is also an exciting hair makeover for the three of us. I will end this post with the most recent picture of us. :) 



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