Friday, August 2, 2013

30 Days Blog Challenge Ended!

We wasn't sure how to start the first post for this blog, if you don't already know this blog is written by 'we'. You might read a variety of post which would be different and hopefully you find your mutual interest with us as well :D So we started of this 30 Days blog challenge where we have to post everyday(might have cheated) with the title we randomly picked for each of us. So yesterday (1st Aug 2013) we officially ended the challenge! Though of course thats not the end of our blog wth. This challenge might let you see how different we are maybe(I hope!). So click ahead and start reading ! We hope you would have fun reading them

Day 1 Description of my day
Day 2 An Ongoing New Year Resolution
Day 3 Favorite Photograph of Your Friends Chums
Day 4 A Photo of Something I Ate Today
Day 5 My Dream Wedding
Day 6 The Idea of a Perfect First Date
Day 7 A Photo of Myself Two Years Ago
Day 8 A Photo That Means A lot to Me
Day 9 A Song to Match My Mood
Day10 My Favorite Musician
Day 11 A Letter to Someone That has Hurt You Recently
Day 12 Something I don't Leave The House Without
Day 13 What is in My Makeup Bag
Day 14 Something I Crave A lot
Day 15 Your Favorite Movie
Day 16 A Photo of your Favorite Place to Eat
Day 17 A Photo of The item I Last Purchased
Day 18 What's in Your Purse
Day 19 A TV Show That I'm Currently Addicted To
Day 20 The Meaning Behind Our Blog Name
Day 21 A Photo of an Animal That I'd Love to Keep As A Pet
Day 22 A Photo of Somewhere I've Been To
Day 23 A Celebrity Crush
Day 24 A Picture of Me Last Year & Now & How Have I Changed Since Then
Day 25 Another Picture of Yourself
Day 26 Something I Could Never Get Tired of Doing
Day 27 15 Facts About Me
Day 28 The Myths of a Medical Student's Life
Day 29 A Photo That Makes You Happy
Day 30 Three Good Things That has Happened in The Past 30 Days

Enjoy reading! Do leave a comment if you can share your part with us as well or do this challenge also! :D


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