Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Day 28 The Myths of a Medical Student's Life.

I couldn't write about the myths of a doctor's life because I am not one yet.
I could only write about a medical student's life, as far as I have been for now in third year :)

My pink stethoscope! :)

So here we go, the what I believe is myths of a medical student's life.
I hope I am right about these myths, cause after being so long in this course, I don't remember the myths I use to know about or those that people talk about.

Maybe if any of you want to clarify any myth that you heard, post the question to me in the comments or email, I will try to answer you :)

1. Medical students are all nerds.

Definitely false. Not all of us are nerds, but there are some really nerdy people in my school. That doesn't make them weird or what. They are just really hardworking, and for that I praise them, cause hardwork pays off in medschool.

One fact is that, all of us are 'nerd' in a way because we always talk about studying. Most of us would plan to study everyday but sometimes fail and we always brag about the things we have not study cause its just too much!

For most of us I guess, studying everyday is like a 'should-do' and always at the back of our minds, but similar to everyone, we can't always do it heh :D

It doesn't mean we are nerds, we still party like normal people do ;D

2. Medical students have no life.

Not true.
Like I mentioned above, we DO have a life.
For me in Monash, first year and third year is more relaxing than the other years.
It doesn't mean I need not study, but I have less things to do and less hectic schedule.
Nevertheless still many things to read.

I do still have time to explore food around and go shopping HEHEHHE :D and blogging as you see ;)

3. Medical students are high class people who mingle around with themselves ONLY.

I don't think I would agree. I mean, many of us are from perhaps above average family.
However there are some of us who are under scholarship.
And we don't just mingle among ourselves.
All of us have friends beyond our meddies! Which, we do spend time with.
In uni we are a bit isolated because we have one building for ourselves away from every other courses building.
In addition to our very tight schedule we have not a lot of time to mingle around but we do try our best!

4. You need to be a prodigy to be a medical student. In other words, VERY VERY SMART.

Hmm, I agree that there are a lot of smart people in med school, but that doesn't mean you must be a prodigy, a genius or super duper intelligent to be a doctor.
You do need the brains, and the hard work though.
I can definitely say I am not a prodigy, not super smart.
Perhaps smart enough to enter, by the grace of God seriously.

But I can surely say, if you really want to take this course, just be ready to have a lot of studying, and a passion for it.
If you do not have the passion, you will struggle through it.
There will be a lot of reading, studying, tight schedule and things to do and a lot of expectations to meet.
But its all worth while if you are really passionate for it.
Lets hope not that you're joining because of money.

5. Medical students don't sleep.

LOL. Lack of sleep perhaps sometimes. Don't sleep is A LIEEE.
We do have and can have enough of sleep actually.
Other days when we have no exam, we are like everyone else can sleep anytime.
Yea we do have a lot of things to read and study, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't sleep.
When exam is here or hectic schedule with assignment loads and tons studying to do, then we don't have enough sleep.

I guess it really depends on the individual.
All of us are different. Thus our pattern of studying, amount of sleep and lifestyle is different.
I'm just typing this based on me and my point of view and from observing some of my meddies.

6. Female doctors don't marry till they are 40.

I have yet to graduate. Yet to know if that is true. However by far I don't think so.
Not all. Some do get marry at the age where most people get say before 30 LOL.
Oh wait, just forgot I am talking about medical student. HEH :D

There is one truth about us. Most of the time when we see holidays in our timetable our reaction is:

TIME TO CATCH UP WITH STUDIES ---------- ultimate truth. Most of us plan to do that, because we never have enough time studying, but most of the time..... I FAIL. HAHAHAH.
I'll end up playing all the way ;)


Nevertheless, you won't expect this girl here to be a medical student right? :P
Me with pink hair last year.
* OK, so I only had this hair during the holidays, not during school time. Crap. hahahaha Ciaooos!*



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