Thursday, August 29, 2013

12 Things To Do Before I Pass On

Ever thought of what are the few things you want to do or achieve before you pass on? 
Things like you can't do daily or not easily achievable. By pass on I mean die, but die doesn't seem like a nice word.

Things more like something you wish to achieve and experience before leaving the world.

I had the inspiration to write this when I thought about how much I always wanted to see a real Aurora at least once. Typing this post on a rainy afternoon with awesome music....'so ohhhmmmm! :P'

So lets start the list of mine!

1. Go on Mission trips/evangelism trips.

My church always has these mission trips to cambodia, vietnam and what not to share the gospel. It never struck me that I was called to go, but of course everyone should cause you should :P
I always wonder why God, of all fields, had to put me in Medicine. If any of you read the post about ambitions, you would know that Medicine is never on my list.
I mean, besides helping and treating people, there must be more to this I think. There must be something I can serve God with ?

If I am not mistaken, it struck me when I heard about missions again in one of the conferences I attended.
Being a doctor can much play a role in going mission trips not only to spread the word of God but to in a way show the love of God through helping the people there which have lack of medical facilities/staff.

Well saying that, I do know I am not ready yet. Although I 'THINK' I want to go, but I feel myself not ready. I am not ready to face the condition there. Thats why I am still in the state of reluctancy to go.
But I guess this is my resolution, that I will go there one day, hopefully I will.


2. Travel around the world.

Cheesy, common, mainstream, whatever.
The last place I ever travelled outside of my country (except Singapore) is England, and that was 10 years ago.
I had very limited opportunity to travel due to multiple reasons.

I really, as like other people, really want to travel around the world and see the world myself.
Different pretty, beautiful and unique places that God created, I really want to see them!
Maybe perhaps once I am more stable in my job (crap, doctors have no time right? LOL)

Places I want to go? Anywhere. Sight seeing would be good. Shopping would be better. Overall everything is awesome haha.
Niagra falls, shopping havens in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan.
Europe, the grand canyon, Paris, ice castle of mall of america and what not!

Niagara Falls


Grand Canyon

Ice castle, Mall of America

3. Watch Aurora once at least once.

This in kind of in line with travelling. The first time I knew about the existence of aurora was during high school where we learn about it in Physics or something.
I was so fascinated by it, started googling all over about it.

The timing to actually observe the Aurora is so subjective. Well in a way I guess.
Its like it has specific timings, am not so sure when and where (perhaps I should do more research about this)
So how do I buy a ticket to some crazy faraway place like antartica or how do I know when will it appear, time, place, and what not.
I won't know if I would be available to go at that specific time either.

I'm just hoping that one day when I retired, or when I really DO have a lot of time, then I can spend my days to wait for it.
I honestly, earnestly, want to see one so badly!

Beautiful ain't it?

4. Visit NASA (LOL) or  go to some space centre.

I don't know how to explain this lol. I am always very fascinated with the all the universe stuff, planets, stars, quantum physics?
I have a telescope myself, and it was so cooooolll to look at all the planets myself through it.
Its nice reading about all of this, but perhaps a chance to visit a real space centre and talk to the people who works there and studies about these things would be really cool!

The universe its just so interesting! I know I sound like a geek heh.

5. Watch, touch, and feel snow.

Believe it or not, I have never watch snow falling down the sky before. 
When I was in England it was during winter season but it didn't snow till 4 days after I left. 
I saw snow (already on the ground, stopped falling form the sky) when I was in the train to London, passing by it.
So I have never felt or touch any snow before, and I really like a chance to!!
I was waiting so badly during my 3 weeks trip to England but unfortunately it had to come after I left =.=

6. Run a full marathon.

As most of you know, the only sport I can do and good at is running.
The furthest I ran was 10 km and not more.
This shall slowly increase to 16.8 km, 21 km and one day, 42 km, full marathon!
I don't mind the timing really, but its like a achievement to be able to finish full marathon.

7. Face my fears! Do something extreme.

Okay I exaggerated that. I saw my friend bungee jumping in New Zealand and I am like OMG I want to go there to find her cause I want to try too.
It must be really scary I think, HAHAHAH, shall just assume I am dying and I take the leap of faith!

8. Ride a horse!

Horse riding! I have never ride on a horse before. Probably I will keep falling down cause I wouldn't know how to establish the 'relationship' with the horse :p I could imagine myself being really scared. But I will keep trying !!!!  I think its something everyone must experience, cause its ....... cool. 
I have no other word to describe it ....... heehhheee

9. Do a Research

My school always try to prompt us to do research. I never had the urge for it, though I think it would be good cause you know, it helps in my career and stuff. But I am so not up to it!!
I think of all the hassle to do the research work (because my assignments are to appraise research studies, I kind of get an idea of how researches are done) I feel so lazy about it.

Then today one of my tutors mentioned some kind of research about some medication, and it like just flick a fire in me.
That research was interesting to me. It made me feel like I want to do it too.
SOOO! I think perhapsss, I don't know how, I might one day be involve in one hopefully, when this fire in me starts to grow bigger :)

We shall just see about that.

10. Take a drive along the roads.

I don't mean any ordinary roads. Ever heard of the great ocean road in Australia? or Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway, Pacific Coast Highway, California and Ice Ring Road in Iceland?
The view is just amazing I think it would be really amazing to drive along it. Perhaps with someone special ? :)

The Pacific Coast Highway, California

Ring Road Iceland

Atlantic Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road Australia

11. Learn ONE piano song.

I've been talking bout this since forever, so this has become my 'list of something to do before I die'.
I love piano, I tried learning and playing. Perhaps cause I did not practice hard enough, I totally am not good at it and I can't play.

So much for saying I love it. I really love the sounds of piano since I was like what? 3?
I will find that determination to learn one song, and be good at it, and play that forever hahahahaha. 

12. Join a society/club/NGO/association.

Well technically I think I might join something related to my church or related to God's work. If not then, find something that I am passionate at to join, be active, and play a role there.
To impact people and make a difference! CHEESY! ;)
I want to do this one day because well, spread the word of God :) thats how to make a difference in my terms.

Well thats about some of mine, I am not sure if I could do it all. I am hoping I could.
These are more like 'things to do' rather than like 'forgive people, let go of your past' that kind of stuff cause I feel like this applies to me more.

What are yours? Have you ever thought about the list of things you want to do before you leave this place? :)

All photos from google.



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