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Day 16 A Photo of your Favourite Place to eat

Argh.. This is frustrating having just able to choose one or to even think about one !! Some people would find it a nuisance to think about just what to eat today especially during the times while I'm in office. It was only 10am (works starts at 9.30am for me), there would be like "Where are we going for lunch??" or dad would always ask "What do you guys want for dinner?" mum would be the one lost ;/. They are not indecisive they don't even want to think about it!

Though for office I settled the problem by making a ballot box ! Haha I filled in the restaurants that we usually go or good food, different cuisine, fast on serving etc etc. So each day when no one are with cravings we would draw lots then realize at times this can be a bad idea because for 3 consecutive days I drew "claypot chicken rice" lol!

I don't mind trying new things but when it says favorite it would be a place where you recommend and its near your place plus you would go very often right. That aside being my favorite is due to their ambiance as well. So that is how I see it. Its at Cheras near Leisure Mall (thats near for me!) and its steamboat/hotpot whatever you gonna call it.

Dragon Door Steamboat 龙门客栈火锅店 when I first heard the name I was like "Fuhh. so kungfu the name!" So ancient and tradition and all. I really appreciate the restaurants that has concepts and tie in together with their name. This whole restaurant milked every corner of the place. Good designer I must say ;D! Scroll ahead for their interior!

Facade of the restaurant. I've tried the wantan mee (which has the same concept as well) is good wantan mee ;) no complains at least. The boss was really nice where he almost recommend me for a job lol!
Pay for wan tan mee, get job offer. Not bad ;D

Having a void in the middle is what I really like about retail shops

What I mentioned about H2T! Polished from head to toe and into the toilet as well ;)

Their steamboat nevertheless being tradition as well, so traditionally its coal-heated so there will not be any knobs to turn. I wont tell you coal-heated hotpot would be nicer because it has the original coal smoky flavor and loaded with whatever taste; I just know you gonna go home having a heavy stench stronger than some other hotpot restaurants. Though I never find this a problem because I would seldom go other steamboat restaurants is because they have prepared  per pax with all their fishball in ball shape, noodle shape, UFO shape, rectangular shape .... etc etc. I don't like fishball -.-

I wont say that they serve non-processed food but at least I get to choose what I eat and what I don't. The most important key to hotpot is the sauce. I really get to choose what I eat here haha though they do have a formula you can give it a try if you are clueless.

 Condiments from Dragon Door steamboat. Since you are reading from Mishpochas, I'll let you know on a tip ! Put everything ! hahaha
LOL. This is mine. Hahaha
Although I hate fishball their mushroom ball are good there ;D

They have Herbal Soup, Pork Bone Broth to Hot and Spicy(Rm19~Rm21 you can opt for dual soup base as well)! I think they have stuff that goes into your soup base as well like chinese wine and all. I did not try to order, what if i screw it up D: ?! haha 
Their hot and spicy did not give me a numbing experience though but I brought my Taiwanese friend there once and he say they serve it pretty much alike in Taiwan as well. So that's the verdict from my Taiwanese friend.

Oh yeah, they have BBQ there as well ! Although I've been there so many times I never really tried. I am very focus with my steamboat ;/ I don't know whether do you still have to book a place on the weekends because they've recently expanded their seatings as well. So they have more tables now. I remember having to leave as their restaurants were full on the weekends. 

// Its consider a good and quite reasonable(except for their egg . Rm1 ! LOL) steamboat to go to. Though I scare myself each time I order because I really finish everything :D Imagine I can eat Rm75 per person, w/o beer that is. No noodles,no rice. Heh ~

Dragon Door Steamboat RestaurantNo.18-1, Jalan Manis 4,Taman Segar, Cheras,56100 Kuala Lumpur.Telephone: 03.9130 1062Business Hours: 5.00pm-12.00am (Weekdays), 3.00pm-12.00am (Weekend)

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