Thursday, July 11, 2013

Day 9 A Song to Match My Mood

A song to match my mood.
The title of the blog post today.

I was thinking, hmmmmm what is my mood today? What do I feel?
I feel very motivated.
Then I was thinking, what song will match this mood that I'm having?

After giving some thought to it I suddenly remembered about this song.
Hall of fame by The Script and
I don't exactly like the whole song's tune, but I like the lyrics and the video.
Its very inspirational.

Summary of the video
Its about this guy and girl, one is a guy who always get bullied, beaten up, and the girl, who is deaf, is looked down by other girls when she as learning ballet.
So they made up their mind to be better, they work hard and succeeded to be a famous boxer and famous ballet dancer.

Its such an inspiration to me because, it just teaches me one thing.
You can be good at what you are passionate at.
You can achieve to be an 'expert' in what you love.

You can't be good in everything, don't be greedy there.
However, you can be good at what you really love.

I only realize this very slow, or maybe cause I have a high level laziness 'skill' ;)

So I made a resolution.
For what I'm studying, if I don't love this, I am going to struggle through this all my life.
It was such a hard decision for me to make whether to go into medicine or not, thinking I would regret.
But since I'm in, I better make the best out of it.

This is not physics, its bio and chem which I am quite interested in, so I think if I work hard enough I will be good at this, at least to the maximum I can be. I must use my own level of full potential.

I love photography, music and running.
Its like photography, I really have an interest as much as I have for music, especially piano.
Piano is love.
But I never make much an effort to it because I always think I am not good enough.
So I just think I can't do it, I can't be good in it.

Running...I've been running all my life.
HAHAHAHAH sounds so wrong, as though running from problems.
The best sport I can do as to run in school, other than that I couldn't lol.
My goal is not to be the fastest runner, but to be good for myself.

So all in all, basically is just a challenge to myself.
I'm not comparing it to anyone, more like I am comparing my current level now, and I want to improve for the better.
Not to be better than other people, but better myself.
I've been implying this principle so much that I slowly learn not to compare myself with other people anymore.

Lastly, I want so badly, to establish that close relationship with God.
I always fall away, too lazy to pray, too lazy to read Bible.
I forgot how awesome God is when I fall away.
I forgot what I am missing out.
If I can do this, is like one of those best feeling I could ever have, like I have done something that I always feel guilty for not doing.

Yeap, message to all..

Don't ever think you're not good enough, don't ever think you can't achieve it.
You can.
You really can.

Just don't be greedy and want to be good at everything.
Be good at what you are passionate at,
and never compare yourself to others.
Because there will always be someone better than you.

But compare to your own self.
You can reach the maximum level of what you can do and you will feel the achievement.

YES! God will be with us all the way! :)

God bless!



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