Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Day 8 A Photo That Means A Lot To Me.

If you are wondering why are the titles for the blog posts sound like a plan, well, it is a plan. When the three of us planned to blog together, we were pretty clueless on how to start since it has been quite awhile when we were really active in the blogosphere. So, Yi Ru came up with this 30 Days Blog Challenge. Hence, all the blog posts are labelled 30 days and the content of the blog posts are pretty introductory. It also helps us get to know each other better. :)

When I got this title "A photo that makes me happy", I instantly thought of the picture below! 

Looking at it now, I still feel a surge of positive feelings from my inner heart. This is a picture of my team from TEDxYouth@KL 2012. If you have already known me, you must be annoyed with my wall posts on Facebook surrounding the title of TEDxKL and TEDxYouth@KL. HAHA Some may also wonder why am I so committed or you may also ask, why am I so in love with it?

It all started in 2010 when I first got exposed to TEDxYouth@KL. It was the first TEDxYouth@KL in town after TED decided to expand its mission abroad. Created in the spirit of TED’s mission, “ideas worth spreading,” the TEDx program is designed to give communities, organizations and individuals the opportunity to stimulate dialogue through TED-like experiences at the local level. I had never come across TED before, but being a common human beings who have the 'herd mentality', I tagged along with my friends who wanted to attend the conference. 

My experience in TEDxYouth@KL 2010? I was surprised! And, I love how it focuses on "ideas worth spreading". So, the presenters who go on the TEDx stage doesn't market their products nor themselves. Instead, they tell a story! Additionally, TEDx also limits each presenter to present their ideas within 18 minutes. This actually helps to retain my attention and interest throughout the conference. The presenters in TEDxYouth@KL 2010 includes John-Son Oei, Johan Farid Khairuddin, Niki Cheong etc.

Of all the speakers, my favorite would be Johnson Oei from EPIC Homes. Here is a summarized message from him in TEDxYouth@KL 2010:

Everyone has only one life, and every life is a book itself. Every day as we live through our lives, the book flips page by page, filling the empty pages with little stories of ourselves. In the end, when we look back at the pages, we have to ask ourselves this – do we want to live a story worth telling? Anyone can just write a book about themselves, but not everyone has a good story to tell. So the question, do you want to be proud of your own story?

After the conference, I spontaneously join the team of TEDxKL and TEDxYouth@KL. Guess I got really attracted to it? HAHA. Last year, I decided to take a bigger step to curate TEDxYouth@KL 2012. I learnt a lot from my teammates throughout the process. There were obstacles (duh!) but I learnt that if you love what you do, you will make things happen. :) 

On 17th November 2012, the whole team was bumped up for TEDxYouth@KL 2012.  After all the hard work and preparation, the conference went well and we received tons of positive feedbacks too, except for the wrong announcement regarding the male toilet so some male audiences had trouble finding the toilet xD. I am really grateful to have met all my teammates who are now dear friends of mine. It really feels like a dream comes true for all that had happened (wiping my tears of joy). 

And, something good happened to me a few days back, a girl came to me and the conversation went like this:

Girl: Are you Chloe?

Me: Yes.
Girl: I saw you in TEDxYouth@KL last year!
Me: Ahhh *feelings excited deep down
Girl: It was really fun and interesting!

That is what actually keeps me going! I am going to work hard, harder and make the best out of it to give fellow TEDx audiences the best experience ever, just like how I felt during TEDxYouth@KL 2010. Now, I feel like an agent sent from TEDx to continue its mission LOL. Before I end this post, here is a picture of me sipping on my Teh Tarik while setting up one of the TEDx event.



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