Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Day 7 A Photo of Myself Two Years Ago

You know how when people say, people change when they turn 18, or people usually change drastically, or like people just grow old as they age?

I don't think its happening to me. Okay maybe I look a little older now :(

Ya, maybe thats me, I will never grow old and forever look like a kid hahahah.


This is me, two years ago. 
2011, when I was 19.
Just entered medical school first year.
I only have selca pictures the most heheheh sorrryy :D


and this is me, now, currently, 2013, the third year medical student.
Nope, I don't see any changes but my hair.
Maybe my hair is the one that make me look older hmmmm..

A lot of times I see many girls, they changed so much once they grow up.
I feel I never change, lol maybe cause I'm quite contented with the way I am.........
-looking like a kid??- :O

I don't know, I think I don't have those epic fashion sense that those pretty girls have.
I like it simple more.
Sometimes I try to be more sophisticated with what I wear, I fail terribly hahahaha.
I either feel very uncomfortable or I just feel its not nice :P
Think its my height problem.
But well it is to an advantage to me in a certain sense, I guess for my height and small body I look even younger.
People for some reason still always think I'm still in high school, 16 or 17. 
Then I will ask them, why would my hair be this colour if I am still in school?
Then they will only guess my age at less than 20, like 18 or 19. Like they become skeptical if I am over 20.
SOOOO it's a good thing ;D 
But I guess, age is never a matter or how you look for that matter, as long as you are young at heart.
That quote never gets old, YOUNG AT HEART!
It really makes a person younger.
Always remember, who you are inside will eventually make how you look outside.
No matter how charming you are outside, if you are nasty inside, it doesn't bring you very far.
All that is in you will surface out and spoil that pretty look of yours.

So yes, always remember, what you are inside makes who you are outside :)

Yeap! This reminds me of one of my tweets sometime ago.
Although I am growing older, 
but I refuse to grow old in church, church camps and events.
Because I want to have fun and praise God and rejoice like a youth like I always am when it is about God :D 

On a different note, changing to medical ward is so much more hectic! Now I understand what the seniors have been telling me.
So much more things to read and know. @@
Had like almost 3 hours of ECG class yesterday, swear my brain was going to explode.
Started intepreting ECG since the start of the class, and Dr taught us so fast and I had to absorb so much info so fast I almost couldn't do it. OMG.

Then I just almost stoned for the rest of the day trying to organised the information I just learnt.

Phew, holiday today. Get to chill a bit, but so much more things to do.

Nerds like me stay home and study :(

HAHA ok not really, I'm going to shop on Saturday :D

See yaaaass :)



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