Sunday, July 7, 2013

Day 5 My Dream Wedding

During my school time, the girls and I often talked about our dream proposal and wedding. Being the girl who loves anything adventurous and bold, I instantly proposed a public proposal where I wish to be proposed publicly. Maybe through the lost and found counter in a shopping mall where he can announce it publicly? haha Well, that was me years back.

As for now, not any wiser but I will go for something simpler. Imagining myself wandering around the mall, theme park etc., it will be really cool if he can surprise me by proposing in a mascot costume. That immediate moment will be rather shocking. Just continue imagining a mascot giving me flowers and then feeling bewildered as he started doing all sorts of weird things, not knowing that he is actually proposing there hahahaha.  This is just plain funny! Btw, this is a random spontaneous thought.

However, I wouldn't want the mascot to be like this (picture below).

Maybe something cuter, like this (picture below)? xD How would you rate this proposal? haha

Moving on to the wedding, it is a rather complicated process. As I am born a Chinese, there is quite a lot of customs that I will need to follow when I get married. In a brief, there will be Three Letters, Six Etiquette, Setting up the Bridal Bed, the Bride's gift for the Groom, Combing Hair, Picking up the Bride, Bride Leaving Home, Bride Arriving at the Groom's House, The Wedding Banquet, Post-Wedding Activities, The Bride Returning Home After 3 Days yada yada. If you would like to know more about the customs, you can click here. Quite a long list huh?

I would want my dream wedding to be something casual, fun and most importantly, memorable. For instance, getting married in a plain white tee with a pair of denim jeans! I had always found the Chinese Wedding Banquet a really boring idea where people are seated without much interaction. Hence, I will want to hold an outdoor wedding with colorful settings where people can walk around freely, just like the picture below! This is a picture taken in Portugal btw. ;)

Nonetheless, It can be really crazy too, like the video below.  :) I was trying to google up the ninja photographer, Zung, where I accidentally come across this video. What I love about this wedding is the fun and laughter shared among the bride, bridegrooms, friends and their families. It may be unglam (to some people) but that just suits me well.



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