Monday, July 8, 2013

Day 6 The Idea of a Perfect First Date.

Of course this would be having to spend it with the 'perfect' guy as well. This post should apply to those who wants to impress me I think. Attitude would be really important but don't force it. If you are not a saint just screw it, you'll never be. If my date would restrict me on saying fuck then he should go fuck himself ;/ Sometimes my vulgarities doesn't really mean it, its like an extra pinch of salt to the dish you know? or a cherry on top haha.

Lets go over what is my ideal first date for you to impress the awesome me ;/ 

1. No Movie!
Strictly no movie. lols movie-dinner date to me is so boring. What I mean here is the typical going to the cinemas then to a dinner or vice versa. I feel that half the date is gone by sitting there in our own world watching a movie. Downloading a movie and watching somewhere is a better idea.

2. Artsy-Fartsy 
I wouldn't mind going to an exhibition, art museum, or central market for that matter. Jakun-ness in me is quite high, I like to watch how people do their thing or see different exotic stuff around us. To the guys, I mean if you plan a date like this make sure you know what you are getting into as well. If you have no sense of all these things, again, don't fake it. You have to be comfortable as well. Look below for other ideas.

3.Coffee Date
Chilling out at a great ambience cafe is just wonderful even with just the thought of it. Its cheap, simple and comfortable. In a small cafe you can find out so much more about your date like for instances, would he have his manners when his coffee is delivered. You would be fascinated with the things you find out there itself.

4.Char Kuey Teow, Chee Cheong Fun, Ho Jian..!
What. Never had the balls to take your girl to hawker center for first dates? This actually shows that you are not ashame or trying to prove something. Personally I don't mind but if being the perfect date I can definitely say its a memorable one. With the bustling there spontaneously he would be sincerely having a conversation with me instead.

5.Breaking the Ice
Marry me. LOL. Ice skating is one of the things I wouldn't mind doing every now and then if Sunway wasn't so far. Its one of a sport that you don't have to be far from each other or panting to speak. Even if you don't know I mean, as cheesy as it is you would be holding her hand trying not to fall. +Points!

6. Spontaneous
Road trips! Head up to Ipoh for some Chicken Rice! This scheme might be better if you are not a total stranger to this girl lols. If not you might scare her by taking her somewhere far, I mean she would think where is this maniac taking me. Imagining this could be pretty cool to me though, what say you?

Although its great that if my partner would go to a rock concert with me but having this as a first date is as bad as going to the movies. Well movies are not even that expensive. Concerts are loud and you don't really know each other, what are you gonna say during in-between change of songs or bands. Awkward. Though we can get hype if both of us mutually love that band then we would get warmed up by that. Next thing you know we'll be kissing then the band is singing "... I'll wrap my hands around your neck with love, love!" ok lol hahaha wtf i know.

8. Big people event.
It would be so cool for me I think to be a date of a guy to attend such event. What goes on in that event is beyond control though its classy and its a night where you wear a proper etiquette and put it to good use. Its super dreamy

Well thats all I can think of. Dates that (not to say bad but its just purely a thought about it) might lead to counting of years might just because of your first date. Its never too late to make a good impression again but this is a list that what I think would be pretty cool to do. As long as both are comfortable in each other's presence right. A love story can happen at any moment any time so stay positive! Be open to it when it happen and good luck! 

Don't let anyone bring you down. 
Look forward to meeting the people who will love you for who you are.


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