Friday, July 5, 2013

Day 3 Favourite Photograph of your Chums

It is counted as a blessing to have someone as your best friend. They don't have to be someone you've known the longest or meeting them everyday.

"Aint nobody got time fo dat !!"

We all walk our own pathway, naturally we grow into individuals and at the same time we try to hang on to friendships or people we want to keep in life. 

To be honest, I was really fearful of the thought that at certain point in life we lose friends along the way. Mutually or not its heart ache because you are aware that both party are drifting away and no one is trying to sustain it. 

Later i understand that changing in life is inevitable. Main key in this is to respect each other or whether to adapt whatever will happen. All this is a natural process where if one force a change it might be even more uncomfortable to sustain this friendship.

Bare in mind that this is no one's fault. They are still your friend, someone who know you and there for you just lesser of. 

Worrying about the day that would come is like holding an umbrella under the sun waiting for the rain. Enjoy the sun now, you might look back and realize how much fun you had during the sunny days. Thus you should be grateful because not everyone have what you have.

Having that said that no one should worry about the period of your friendship, just live it through by being a good chum!

For me to find a favourite photo of my chums are quite difficult lols. That many years of friends we dont really have alot pictures together. And the title was suppose to be "favourite photo of your best friends" I was like ".. Wtf" .. best friends is such a label. They don't need that hahaha.



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