Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Day 29 A Photo That Makes Me Happy.

I am not promoting TEDx here but when I got the title to write this post, I was pretty clueless. Yi Ru actually offered me free consultation if I don't know how to blog for this title haha. While consulting her, I told her that pictures of puppy make me happy. It is the same feeling when you see a baby and you just have a smile on your face. It is a pretty natural thing, I would say. And then, it hit me. I know what makes me happy. :D

It is experiencing someone's else happiness! *tada 
So, I found this picture that expresses my happiness. :)

It is a picture within a picture haha. So, please focus on the picture inside this picture. It is a picture by Uncle William. On the stage of TEDxSingapore, there is the photographer named Bob Lee. Bob held a photography class for the blinds where they learnt to use the camera with their senses. So, his students hold a normal camera and remembered the locations of each button on the camera. His students have assignments after the class where one of it is capturing the moment of their daily life. Uncle William, Bob's favorite student is an energetic and youthful uncle according to Bob's description. During his assignment on taking pictures of his daily life, he took a picture of a dustbin and claimed that it plays a very important part in his life. Bob feeling bewildered then asked Uncle William, "How is that important? It is just a dustbin." Uncle William then explained that the dustbin marks where he has to turn to go home. There is one day, Uncle William got lost because he couldn't find the dustbin as the dustbin was being pushed away, further from the usual location.

I was really engrossed during Bob's talk where he shared his stories of Uncle William. Towards the end of his talk, Bob shared this picture (inside the picture above) by Uncle William. During one of the assignments, Bob was with Uncle William when Uncle William took this picture. Uncle William asked Bob, "Is my shadow in the picture?" "Yes, Uncle William, replied Bob. "This is my favorite picture," said Uncle William. "Why?" asked Bob feeling puzzled. "Because I am in it," replied the jolly Uncle William.

I will never understand how it feels like to be blind and to be holding the camera to take a picture of my shadow but I am definitely happy that Uncle William enjoyed his photography lesson and that he had so much joy. :) As I write this post, I am smiling. I guess I had got the right picture haha.



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