Sunday, July 28, 2013

Day 26 Something I Could Never Get Tired Of Doing

I am a very lazy person. When I saw that this is my blog post topic, few things that I like to do run through my mind.
Activities like running, taking photos, stoning, shopping, chilling and etc.

Like I said, I am a lazy person, I think the activity that rank no.1 for me to not get tired of doing is

*drum rolls*


HAHAHAH! So unproductive right!!

To be honest. I really like to sit somewhere do nothing and waste time! LOL.
I find that pretty 'fun'. Doing nothing just simply means surfing the net, looking at random stuffs.
I like browsing the net for random things I see, photos, fashion and what not.
So far I never get tired of doing that lol, because I feel like I want to do that everyday looking at my hectic schedule.

ANYHOWWWW, I shall not dwell in this topic of stoning because its so unproductive of me, I SHALL talk about the activity that ranks SECOND in my list !



Oh gawd, I don't know how is this consider productive.

Ya, me, LOL. In the form of clothes not shoes, well maybe shoes also.
Photo from google.

There are many things I like to do, even studying. I do like studying LOL. NO I NOT NERD :D
but I usually have those moments where I'll be too lazy to, like to lazy run, too lazy to study, too lazy to take photos and so on.

I guess shopping should rank highest in the list, cause I could never get bored of it.

Be it window shopping or real shopping, I just never get bored.
I like to stroll around in malls (perhaps this is really call stoning and waste time, oh dang I'm so unproductive LOL)
I like to look at stuff.

So basically sometimes when I see people wearing certain things I know where they get from. :P

I shop everywhere for everything..well almost.
I go to the cheapest place u can find, and to the above average but not exactly super expensive cause I don't think I can afford now as a student, maybe in the future.

I think I am a guy and a girl inside when it comes to shopping and looking at stuff.
I like the things my mum likes and the things my dad likes.

I see stuff from, clothes, bag, shoes, accessories to computers, tech stuff, camera stuff, music and so on.

The only thing that keeps me from shopping is budget. Living myself makes me have to pay for more stuff and increase expenses on my own allowance.
So its like restricting me from buying, I can't really resist to window shop only!! HEHEH :D

Sale is love!



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