Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Day 22 A Photo of Somewhere I have been to.

I don't just think I want to put one photo of this place, I want to put several because this place is soooo pretty!!
Initially I wanted to put pictures of London, but I lost the photos I took when I when to London almost 10 years ago. My hard drive spoil and all the photos were gone. Sad.
I could get it from the net of course, but I thought it would be better ti put photos I took myself, which would give more meaning to it.

I haven't been travelling overseas for the past 10 years, because my parents are so busy with their work so I rather not pressure them to bring me overseas.
However I have been travelling around Malaysia with my med buddies during my sem breaks and its been quite a trip with them.

One of the places I visited last year was Perhentian islands.
We went to Kelantan first then we took the ferry to Perhentian Island, in other words in Malaysia its called Pulau Perhentian.


a beauty isn't it?

Oh gawd, I never knew this place is so beautiful!
Given that we are students, we decided to save money on our stay by staying in budget hotels.
Even so, the beach there is just so amazing.

We went to several islands nearby, including Redang Island, which is as beautiful!
We snorkel around there and , well since its my first time snorkelling I couldn't compared whether is it more beautiful than other places but I would say its a pretty amazing experience.

It just exposes me to the beauty of what lies under the sea.
Corals, fish, turtles, the ever scary jellyfish that I was running away from, baby sharks (no they didn't bite me lol)
The sea water there is so clear and blue, and the sand there is just so fine.


What I mean by really clear sea water..

The only place I could compare now is port dickson, as far as my memory is concern, that is the only beach condition I remember despite being to few others in Malaysia.
Port Dickson's beach are less blue, sand more 'goo-ey' and all in all I would say lost in beauty compared to Perhentian Island.

I guess perhaps Port Dickson is really near to KL people so its easier to opt to go there, but nevertheless Port Dickson is still okay :)


water is so clear that it is as though the boat is floating on nothing! The ripples gave it away.

Whenever I get a chance to see all these beautitful places, it just reminds me of one thing, how amazing God is.
God's creativity is beyond imagination.
All these beauty in the world we could ever find, nature and all sorts, come from ONE creator, God himself.
Its just mind-blowing when these things seems so beautiful and you ponder, how did God even think of this?!
Well I guess, God is God. :)


I took this picture. The bridge was not submerged in water at night, and was at least 2 meters or more from the ground.
When morning I came back the whole bridge was submerged. 
I find this so cool! :P

Anyways, I would totally recommend anyone of you who have never paid a visit to Perhentian or Redang islands to give it a go.
Its just realllllyy beautiful I would say.
Maybe some places would be more beautiful than this, but I guess this is something Malaysia has to make herself beautiful.

* but I did get really dark from all the sun exposure from snorkeling. Wear sunscreen please! EXTENSIVELY! ;D*


sorry for a strand of hair on the bottom left of the picture. Difficulty taking the picture of the feet of my own LOL. 
Standing on the submerged bridge.

Some photo courtesy to Sean Hui, some pictures taken by him and some by me because I used his camera during the trip :)



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