Monday, July 29, 2013

Day 27 15 Facts About Me

PHEW ! Yet another busy week has pass and another busy week is going to begin!
Just finish preparing and planning and celebrating my 21st! It is a good birthday indeed!
Another MCR (mini case reports, a practical exam for me) and assignment due soon for me so yeah, going to be busy busy busy again! :/

Anyways, 15 facts about me!
Well actually I don't know what should I write about me that would interest any of you, so I shall try to dig out the most interesting part of me (*doubt*) to write here.
Nawwwwwh just joking ;p
I feel I am kinda hyper now typing this post.

15 Facts About Erica!

1. My name is Erica, I am 12 21 as of the year 2013.

2. I am 3/4 chinese 1/4 indian.

3. I am a medical student in Monash, currently a 3rd year student as of 2013 !

4. I am christian, proud to be christian, and I love God! I love Jesus!!!

5. My favourite colour is PINK PINK PINK! I am such a typical girl. I like red grey and mint too!

616549_10150972824097862_1938523953_o 20130730_171229

Lol my room, photo courtesy from WENG, photo from my birthday last year.
Am in jb , so can't take picture of my room haha.
In the second picture, some of my stuff, I just love pink! ;P

6. The only sport I am good at is running. HAHAH that doesn't sound like sport does it?


My first 10km run in my life! Nike Run with my uni mates.
Took 1 hour 15minutes for the run! :) 
I use to run in school a lot too!
Next time when I am in KL I should take some pictures :)

7. I have interest in photography. Currently owns a Nikon D90. I am a slow learner lol.


Lumix GF2, 50mm F1.8 Nikon Lens, Nikon D90, Nissin Mark II Flash, and Fujifilm Instax mini 7S

8. I love piano! I can't play very well, but i love the sounds of piano.


Sorry for the poor quality picture. 
Took this picture from my old blog.
This picture is taken in my old house.
My piano now is in KL, so I have to take an old pic of my piano.
The only piano I have ! :)
Its key lighting though lolololol I feel so childish.

9. I love classical songs, it just give me the 'ohm' feeling haha. When I used to have piano classes I like to play classical songs.

10. I am crazy about shopping.....typical.


My closet now in jb. 
I still have 3 full closets in KL. HAHAHA.

 11. I can speak Cantonese, English, Malay, and a little of Chinese and Hakka.

12. I listen to English, Chinese, Cantonese, Japanese and Korean songs :)

13. I love fireworks and music boxes.

14. Favourite dessert : CHOCOLATEEEEE. Especially the melted ones.


Chocolate fondue from haagen daaz!
Ate this last year while outing with uni mates! 

15. Oh the final one, I shall write a longer one to conclude.
I am a petite girl, only 155cm, shy but very noisy, crazy, hyper and friendly when I am close to you, has that hidden temper that only the closest one knows, and the only child in the family :)



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