Saturday, July 27, 2013

Day 25 Another Picture of Yourself

The literal meaning of the title 
Now what.

This title is pretty straight to the point ahaha still, read ahead! That picture was taken before leaving to Erica's 21st birthday. I made the floral headband myself, I thought that I would let Erica wear it since her hair color was washed off by chlorine a week before. I could not get myself to wear pink on me seriously! Accessories is the least I can comprise with. It was a pretty good night I must say, apart from sleeping at 4am.

That picture somehow seems like I am advertising that instax camera and I really want to sell it btw. No scratches no faulty I rarely take it out because at times I would just bring out my clutch or purse,  theres no room for it(so I bring a pack of film out as I know there will be a lot of people having these cameras anywhere haha). I don't save on my films I would randomly take picture at times because before this it was nothing like this. It brought me to realize I am seeing alot of myself in these instant films. wth I was thinking keeping one picture of myself in every occasion is enough instead sometimes I have 10. I'd rather keep instant film of others reminding how that day was or have others to keep my most good looking picture just so that would remember me prettiest. haha.

This is usually a give and take process but I do hope the buggers(I still love you all :D) that took actually keeps them!! Oh and I got really pumped to do the floral crowns so I went to pluck flowers around the park near my house. It turns out really nice but wilted 3 hours later D: So I  threw it away. I might post it on instagram later in the day maybe. :)

I realize this is a harder post to do than others, somehow I am not really inspired! Ciao ~

Yi Ru


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