Thursday, July 25, 2013

Day 23 A Celebrity Crush

Gooood morning. Yes its morning and I just had a car accident again. Shits.. I booked a car servicing appointment in the morning and I was just thinking the day before it would be stupid to hit my car just before service -___-

"Hi, I'm stupid" well my car turns out fine (plastic car ftw!) The car infront dented :/ owh well. I made an agreement with Chloe that I would do a month challenge where I will not touch and use my phone when I drive. At times I would be replying my whatsapp and I was suppose to meet up with Chloe so she knows I'm driving. Yeah, busted. The more reason I should do this challenge then. 

Alright, this celebrity crush challenge are the hunks on my list and I would like to share with you guys but DIPS! 

Brad Pitt
Daddy and still hot as hell. No matter how much I look at that meme it will still make me lmao, brad pitt's distinctive feature is amazing. He is one of those actors that doesn't have dopplegangger among the celebrity. Though I don't think he look good with his hair long, #justsaying. 

Crush doesn't necessary have one right lol. I don't know bout you but guys I know they have a series of crush. I have my own variety of them as well lol who are potential, likely to have traits ideal for a dream man #blushes wtfwtf

Gordon Ramsay
Alpha cook. I'm developing an interest in cooking(easy-needless-to-wash-few-ingredient sort of cook) and he is dominant person. He seems to be clear what he want and he is bad tempered which sort of will like tame my temper in that way (wtf think too much). He has traits that draw the lines or contrast against him and jamie oliver. Both of them are great just so different. At least I hope ramsay will not have weird pedo names for his children like jamie oliver's rainbow teddy peach oliver... 

Joseph Gordon-Levitt 
Sleek, clean and mature. He seems that he can be really humorous but still stay cool in his form. I saw a tumblr on him the other day and found out that he could sing and his versatile character that he has. Joseph Gordon has that face that even if the sky falls on him he would still be calm and and this cool awesome face, fans of him would agree.

Daniel Wu
Asian. Fluent english spoken Hong Kong A-list celebrity who does not have much of bad rumour of! Not big that I would know of. Gentle look of his features can sometimes be photographed as a bad boy look. 'Don't Go Breaking My Heart ' movie made him the reason why my crush is for him. Plus, pairing with supermodel Lisa S. will make them a super couple ! #okayface

Ash Stymest
Killa Swag. Wth lol. It was love at first sight. I remember asking someone, how did you know who is ash stymest?? He replied "how can you not know who is ash stymest" =___= okay. English model who seems skinny not buff, drug addict look actually, but that is his own style. Maybe I'll cut his hair next. Haaa

I'm here at the service center with free coffee from them. Its relaxing having to wait here lols. They just told me my car is fine from the accident lol lucky me! Waking up early seems to be really great. Makes me feel great at least. So who's your celebrity crush? or am I too old for celebrity crush hmm?



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