Thursday, July 4, 2013

Day 2 An Ongoing New Year Resolution

To exercise regularly has always been my yearly resolution. I think this is the third year now since I set it as my resolution but I have not been able to keep up with it. How can such simple task be so hard to attain? Seriously, do not underestimate such simple new year resolution! It takes a whole lot of effort to actually achieve it. Despite failing terribly,  I am still quite determined to keep trying until I make it a habit (dream goes on haha).  So, I will share with you here what I have tried in the past three years.

I enjoy practicing Yoga and trying out various poses. I got exposed to Yoga one day when I was reading the newspaper where they have this weekly corner for yoga. My body was pretty stiff at first but each pose gets easier when I practice it daily. :) Do note that your body needs time to get adapted to new activity so do not overstretch yourself as you may injure yourself unknowingly. However, I am not practicing it as often now. So here are some attempts today.

I also like Figurobics by Jung Da Yeon. I still remember following her video, the "Figure-Dumb" (a dumbbell exercise), for the first time and it was (omg) tiring. I kept panting throughout the video (sweats). I am not sure if this really helps to tone up your body because I hardly see any changes. Hence, I had stopped doing Figurobics. Anyhow, it has definitely helped build up my stamina. I can now exercise for a longer period of time and lift myself in certain poses while I practice Yoga.

Recommended by a friend of mine, I am now following Fitness Blender. The two people behind Fitness Blender, Daniel and Kelli, create and design full-length workout videos which can be accessed online freely. I really enjoy their channel because I get to choose and plan my own workout routine depending on the body parts which I want to focus on. Also, I prefer working out at home since getting to the gym is a hassle (you need to drive, find a space to park your car and you face the risk of getting robbed).

Sometimes, I climb trees. Well, just some trees. haha



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