Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Day 21 A Photo of An Animal I'd Love to Keep As A Pet.

I have always wanted a dog!

I think this fondness was built a long time back when I was still a kid. I used to stay in a single terrace house with my grandparents when dogs intrude into our house from time to time. So, my Grandma would prepare some food and milk for the dog. There are even birds who flew in for food! Knowing that I am in love with dogs, Grandad will occasionally bring me to Pasar Malam to get the Jumping Walking Dog Soft Toy just to satisfy my desire of getting a dog. This toy was the coolest toy I ever had since it walks, barks and it can make a 360 degree jump! *still in awe

Expectedly, I have a lot of dog soft toys when I was a kid. But, my favorite would be Snoopy! He is like my best friend which I carry everywhere :). However, one day, my little cousin loses her Snoopy soft toy so my mum decided to give mine away to her without my permission :(. You can imagine how heartbroken I was. I was really upset and am still is complaining about it to my mum.

Anyway, I also love watching dogs cartoons or movies. Just to name a few, there are 101 Dalmations, Pluto in Mickey Mouse, Scooby Doo and Courage The Cowardly Dog. I was so crazy over dogs that I would cry over a scene in a movie where the dogs got kidnapped. And, Grandad would make it worse by teasing me that the dogs are not going back home haha.

If you were to ask me about my ambition when I was a kid, I will tell you that I want to be a Veterinarian to save dogs. As a grown up now, I am aware of the cases of abused dogs and abandoned dogs. So, I decided to adopt a dog from the shelter instead of buying it from the pet shop which will help save some dogs from being put into sleep. Just months back, I saw a pup walking under the rain when I was in the car passing by it. So, I reversed the car and opened my door wanting to bring it home until I saw its mum running and barking at me from the opposite direction hahaha. Well, I still love dogs and still want to bring home one some days. At present, all I can do is to plan a day to help in the dog shelter! :)



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