Saturday, July 20, 2013

Day 18 What's in Your Purse

Would this be awkward if this my period week. Loaded with pads in the picture :/ shy. I never thought that looking into someone's bag can be so curious. I find it disrecpectful to look into someone's bag actually. Happened to me at work, I was feeling abit wtf won't you? Though I'm not taking my usual 'purse' picture that I bring to work. (I have apple, green tea bags huge ass measuring tape etc). Super messed up. 

This was what happen when I poured it out excluding those papers and shits. So happen to have this in my phone. I'll now show your more of a constructed version lols. Seeing into a lady's bag define who they are? I would say probably. 

Haha I don't bring out my wallet. I remember last time when I followed a school trip to Cameron or Pangkor, that time I didn even have my I.C out yet. So i didn use a wallet. Just money in my pockets. 

This is really my casual rushing out purse, I.C just at times that Elmo might not be in my purse. Yes thats a red glove. Its either in my purse or in my bag always at least. Of course theres my phone lol which I'm holding. Em I dont usually bring make up stuff out. Wow shits this post really reveal alot! Ciao! 



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