Monday, July 22, 2013

Day 20 The Meaning Behind Our Blog Name


Mishpochas w Description

Have you ever seen this word? What word is this? English? Spanish? French? Italian? Some weird name that we came up with?

Its actually Yiddish. Yiddish in a way is Jewish, a High German language of Ashkenazi Jewish, fusion of different German dialects in particular Hebrew, Aramaic and Slavic. - Reference from Wikipedia.

I have no idea what is Yiddish, thats why I have to google it :P

So how did we come up with this name? One of us know Yiddish?
Definitely not. Though I'm Christian but I am not Jewish.

Anyways, before we started this blog, we were celebrating Chloe's 21s birthday.
We came up with the idea that we should start a blog with three of us being the authors.
After being all excited about this, we got stuck at trying to find the right name for the blog.

All weird names came out. Since three of us are very very different people, we were thinking of synonyms for 'different' like distinct, unique etc. However, those aren't good names.

While we were thinking of the names we had late night coffee after dinner still thinking about the name.
I couldn't remember clearly, but it was name of foods, something like
'banafee, red velvet, banana cake??' Oh dear I don't remember anymore.

Then it was late so we were heading home, still with no good names in our hands to start the blog.
Whilst in the car, either Yiru or Chloe on Yiru's phone, and the app appeared.

They had the word of the day, ' Mishpocha '

Mishpocha means :

mishpocha \mish-PAW-khuh, -POOKH-uh\ , noun:
an entire family network comprising relatives by blood and marriage and sometimes including close friends; clan.

Well someone used the name mishpocha, so we added a 'S' to it to become MishpochaS.

So we were learning how to pronounce the word, and the meaning seem appropriate, cause we are like friend/family..omg ew hahahhha.
But yeah, we totally felt this was the right one, that feeling when you know ' EUREKA! THIS IS THE ONE! '

So we started everything based on this name itself, and ta da!
Here is our blog today, Mishpochas :)



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