Friday, July 19, 2013

Day 17 A Photo of The Item I Last Purchased.

Reader's Digest is a magazine that kept me thrilled monthly. It is something I look forward to because it keeps me connected to the world. Well, that is how I feel. I may not have travelled around the world but through all these life time stories written by people all over the world, I get to feel a sensation of how the world is. 

In the July issue 2013, Reader's Digest asked J.P. Hansen to come up with a six-point plan - his Bliss List - to help people to get the key to achieving the their goals. According to Hansen, the key to achieving your goals is to clearly understand what makes you happy. It sounds easy, right? So, do not complicate your life further haha

List what you love

1. Identify your passions. Hansen calls them the six spokes of bliss - spiritual, relational, financial, emotional, physical and intellectual goals. Write these six goal types across the top of a piece of paper and underneath them, write 15 things that will make you happy.
2. Keep it simple. No shocking revelations or surprises? Don't be fazed.
3. Narrow your list. Concentrate on the top seven goals - you will see better results than if you try to pay equal attention to all 15 on the list.
4. You can change it. Don't be afraid to tweak your list as your goals evolve or are accomplished.
5. Acknowledge your achievements. Appreciate your successes as you go.
6. Ask the questions. For each future decision, ask yourself: is this supporting my Bliss List goals? 
 Source: Reader's Digest July issue 2013 

So, here I present you my Bliss Board!

The Bliss Board is placed near my bed. I had just narrowed down my list last week. The board is pretty empty now since I have not started spicing it up with my "inspirational ingredients". If you are wondering about the string over there, it was accidentally made and one day, I just decided to hang my glasses there. And then, I started putting more things there haha. Anyhow, I am loving it since it helps save some space on my desk. Next, I will consider putting up a huge calendar (since I always jot down important dates), a world map (a dream of mine to travel around the world), and my favorite pictures with my favorite people. :)



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