Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Day 15 Your Favourite Movie

We are half way down our mark! Haha I must say this is actually quite fun but I'm having these "favourite-favourite moment" kinda 'mehhh'. So I'm going to make this as interesting as possible! I have this problem with movie that I don't like to watch meaningless movie. Those that are lame as shit where people watch just for the sake of watching. Okay so having all the great movies being premiered on cinema its not fair to choose 1! Haha just to make my life a little bit easier I made a few category to ease my writing. Feel free to share your own ones also.

My Favourite Disney Movie! 
First to warm up. Finding Nemo! When I was young i would love to watch disney at 7.30pm its where they have no commercial and it goes on for 2 hours. I don't usually have original DVD for movies but I proudly own Finding nemo's! Wahaha. I wont tell you that I download right what if you call the police on me. wtf


Your favourite Actor's Movie!
Mine actually haha. Of course he is none other than Brad Pitt!! Blink lights* I love him in 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons'. That sharp feature, blonde hair, hot body :/ haha then only I watched him as badass in 'Fight Club'! Even more awesome. 
Can move somemore LOL!

Your favourite Actress's Movie
Well when you have favourite actor of course you have favourite actress. Mine would be Anne Hathaway! *applause* I know people would agree with me that she is awesome(and amazing tits,shits; -from Love and Other SexDrugs). I've watched most of her movie though how great people say Lès Misèrables would be, I couldnt get myself to concentrate. Its just not my type of movie. But I was stunt when she sang. That was the only part that made me look at the movie :/ Putting that aside my favourite of Anne Hathaway would be 'The Devil Wears Prada' super glam~


Movie That you Practically Know the Whole Script of;
".. Women comes to New York in search of two 'L's ; Labels and Love." - Sex and the City. I'm a sucker for chick flicks which is pathetic just to remind myself that ".. You know this is just a fairytale right, sweetie, I mean things like this don't always happen in real life." :P haha. What can I say, I watched it too many times. I was thinking to write Burlesque but its not effective, cause what if someone ask me about their lyrics. I would be like f*

Yes thats a bird. I'd love to be like this. ;) Vivienne Westwood

Oldest in My List
Oldest as in the era of the movie? Anyway, 'The Pianist' would be my oldest I think. I don't think anyone would expect I'm someone who will like the Pianist. If you don't know the Pianist, let me tell you its nothing like the title. Its a German War movie when it was an Anti-Jewish era. Polish was meant to be shot death. So this story is base on the real thing. A truly recommended movie!

Update- I then read that the lead actor in this movie actually wanted to know how it felt to lose everything so he could get into his character more. So he sold his car, he sold his apartment, disconnected his cell phone and dumped his girlfriend.

A Movie That Made You Cry.
Only good movie would make you cry right. Indubitably that would be a good movie or your are a tear jerky. To me it would be a good movie as its hard for me to cry in a movie unless coincidentally I could relate to that. First movie that made me cry was 'Toy Story 3'. I was told that I would cry as well. Till the part where they were about to go in flames I did not cry. So I was like, 'mehhh. who said I would cry..' It was till Andy was about to give his toys away to Bonnie.... thankgodIwaswatchingalone. Lol. That's that. Oh and I actually cried in 'The Pianist', it really moved me I must say looking at their cruelty.

Favourite Animal Character in the Movie!
Haha I've given long thoughts about this. Fairly interesting and it struck me that King Julien(Madagascar) is my favourite! The narcissistic skunk (king julien is a primate wow!). I was asking around as well and my younger brother being lame as ever shouted "RICHARD PARKER" -Life of Pi wtf LOL!

Grabbed this from Google ;/
"Do you mind going back? Its nothing personal, its just that we are better than you"

First Movie that You've Watched in the Cinema.
It was hard for me to trace my roots back but compare to some mine would be easy. I don't usually go to the movies even as family till I was 12 or 13 I think. So I was searching today I think mine would be Alien VS Predator I still remember I sat quite upfront to the screen. Can you believe it, AVP has been out for 11 years. I discussing this with my colleague where at first I thought 'Rob-B-Hood' was my first.

She said "what, rob-b-hood seems to be a recent movie.."
"I watched Rob-b-hood when I was Form 2(14years old)" .. haha she stunt and said 'I hate you' because I made her feel really old(She was 28 that time).

Most Mind Blowing Movie.
Okay this is getting really long I think I can talk about this whole day even I have not watch alot of movies. I had to incorporate this into my list it would be 'Inception'. Dafuq, the city of Paris actually folds up. Creating amazing architecture like moving a chess piece. Designing dreams and trying to control them. Wow?
In the end the totem kept spinning I actually anticipated till the end of the credits even to listen to the totem falling.ugh. orgasms...

How would people think "Oh why not I just fold the city into a box.." whuut.

This is getting too long. But it was fun to write having to think some of the categories. There are lots of great movies that went unmentioned in this post but of course maybe in future there will be chance to share it I hope. It was pretty hard, 1 in every category! I researched a bit on the categories before posting of course. Alright. Ciao!



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