Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Day 14 Something I Crave A Lot

Actually, I crave for nothing at all materiallistically.

I have been acting weird(in a good perspective) recently. When I am stucked in a jam, I thought to myself "I am so lucky that I am not in Jakarta", which is true because it takes about an hour to actually reach a km plus! When I fill up my bottle while waiting for the small stream of water flowing from the tap into my bottle, I thought to myself "The water will slowly accumulate and the bottle will be filled (duh!)". But, I actually reflected my life upon this incident, that I need to work hard consistently (just like the small stream of water), accumulate knowlegde and experience(filling up the bottle) and live my life to the fullest(a filled bottle of water)! Maybe I sound lame but yea. I am actually appreciating every little things that is occuring in my daily life.

Here is a status updated by a friend of mine on Facebook which says:

"Don't talk about the goal of your Life. What is your goal for Today? If it is not to be better and to be happier, then you have wasted Today."

I think that is a good point to reflect on your life everyday. My fear, besides insects, would be the fear of living my life without a dream. I had always think that women without a dream is ugly. I am emphasizing on women here because I like the idea of being independent and strong Haha. I want to be someone who is capable of holding my dream and making it happen. 

So, I would conclude that dream is that something I crave a lot. ;)



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