Friday, July 12, 2013

Day 10 My Favourite Musician

As you've read previously this idea of the 30 blog challenge list was suggested by me and next time I should tailored the questions better before suggesting to them because I'm clueless right now. Being totally honest here, I do not have much knowledge about music :( having to know who my favourite musician is and WHY!? I dont want to write anyone as lame as "Lustin Beaver" right. :/ sorry, as I said. I'm no pro.

This is really tough. I ran through my ipod list and really, musicians they are vast and this post is plainly subjective. Everyone can love someone who is famous as Justin Bieber, Beyonce or Taylor Swift for that matter. But it is difficult to like someone with the beauty of imperfectness like FM Static. It is the imperfectness that we can relate in their music maybe. Their history, names or whatever I cannot tell you; I'm not a hardcore fan. It was a friend of mine who introduce their song to me and it move me that is why I have a big impression on them. They may play Christian rock but that isn't the matter. Its the lyrics of their music which tells the story.

The song that moved me so much was 'Tonight' by FM Static.
It was for the lead singer's deceased brother or something - Thats what I know at least. Don't misunderstand and think that my brothers are dead or any shit like that wtf.

It sort of let me appreciate the people around me more. The amazing thing about a music is that they tend to get you in the mood. I will get calm and listen to the song. You can try listening to it at the video below. Maybe you can relate as well the way I did or miss the person who has left you and I bet you miss them dearly.

This song when I listen to it I couldnt bare to think if my love ones were to leave me, as selfish as it is I don't know how to handle it or cope with it. #emo wth! Though FM Static is one of a song that I pick that become my favourite due to their impression that I can't get myself to delete from my playlist over and over again. I'm listening to 'Of Monster and Men', which make me like a particular genre rather than focusing on a musician. Though Of Monster and Men is so awesome! Phew at least this is the end of this post. I still have several tough ones! Stay tune though haha. Some are really interesting I must say!



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