Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Day 1 Description of my day

When I dont sleep it naturally screws up my time, where I am then confuse whether today is yesterday or tomorrow. I bet you can feel me! Though I couldn't and overslept. Fk it.

Hence I decide to skip work! #yolo! Working at that state would have kill me as well. So i stayed home and... Well, work ask well LOL. I did something really redundant today. That what skipping work does right! Having time to do these things! 


Since I was working on my stuff I made lunch. This is really easy and healthy to make. I cut up two medium sweet potato into consistent sizes. Coat it with a tbsp of olive oil; then Sprinkle some salt and pepper. It takes 15mins in a 200degrees oven to bake. 

Its not making lunch that is redundant, its that picture itself. Lols. It took 4 apps to get that picture! I sometimes wonder the people who have beautifully edited picture, the time it took and the space of your phone as well! I then had to delete 5 other picture in my library.. I just needed one to post wtf. 

After cleaning up myself I head over to Miko salon at Pavilion for a meet up. There I met with Miko himself. I was abit intimidated with him and as I precepted he would mention about my hair. He said I am beautiful with a big disappointment on his facial expression! Lol! He sort of imposed that I desperately need a haircut. My stylist should feel bad! :/

Anyways I went to Ramen Santouka for well.. you know, Ramen; with Kelvin. I had the Toroniku Hiyashi Chuka! Its cold ramen ~ serve with yellow mustard and mayonnaise. Most importantly is the pork cheeks and the egg! Seems that pork cheeks are very rare, only 200g-300g is taken from a pig.

The ramen super slurppable! Least its better choice than what Kelvin order hahaha. He says his order suits him since he is a perverted caterpillar :3 hahaha. He ordered something shio and miso and shoyu. Wtf all 3 of those are elements to saltiness no? I dont like my ramen too salty so I'm good with my cold ramen :)

I was super sleepy by that time, I am driving home with slow traffic and I was sleeping at EVERY traffic light. :/ till I bang my car wtf. Im fine thanks even if you didnt ask, yeah. Heh xD 

Thats it, I'm typing this post as my car died at the side of the road with no petrol now. Some indian tambi in a kancil just holla at me "Leng lui !! MEH SI!?" was his exact same words. Fml i know. Ciao :)



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