Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Day 29 A Photo That Makes Me Happy.

I am not promoting TEDx here but when I got the title to write this post, I was pretty clueless. Yi Ru actually offered me free consultation if I don't know how to blog for this title haha. While consulting her, I told her that pictures of puppy make me happy. It is the same feeling when you see a baby and you just have a smile on your face. It is a pretty natural thing, I would say. And then, it hit me. I know what makes me happy. :D

It is experiencing someone's else happiness! *tada 
So, I found this picture that expresses my happiness. :)

It is a picture within a picture haha. So, please focus on the picture inside this picture. It is a picture by Uncle William. On the stage of TEDxSingapore, there is the photographer named Bob Lee. Bob held a photography class for the blinds where they learnt to use the camera with their senses. So, his students hold a normal camera and remembered the locations of each button on the camera. His students have assignments after the class where one of it is capturing the moment of their daily life. Uncle William, Bob's favorite student is an energetic and youthful uncle according to Bob's description. During his assignment on taking pictures of his daily life, he took a picture of a dustbin and claimed that it plays a very important part in his life. Bob feeling bewildered then asked Uncle William, "How is that important? It is just a dustbin." Uncle William then explained that the dustbin marks where he has to turn to go home. There is one day, Uncle William got lost because he couldn't find the dustbin as the dustbin was being pushed away, further from the usual location.

I was really engrossed during Bob's talk where he shared his stories of Uncle William. Towards the end of his talk, Bob shared this picture (inside the picture above) by Uncle William. During one of the assignments, Bob was with Uncle William when Uncle William took this picture. Uncle William asked Bob, "Is my shadow in the picture?" "Yes, Uncle William, replied Bob. "This is my favorite picture," said Uncle William. "Why?" asked Bob feeling puzzled. "Because I am in it," replied the jolly Uncle William.

I will never understand how it feels like to be blind and to be holding the camera to take a picture of my shadow but I am definitely happy that Uncle William enjoyed his photography lesson and that he had so much joy. :) As I write this post, I am smiling. I guess I had got the right picture haha.


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Day 28 The Myths of a Medical Student's Life.

I couldn't write about the myths of a doctor's life because I am not one yet.
I could only write about a medical student's life, as far as I have been for now in third year :)

My pink stethoscope! :)

So here we go, the what I believe is myths of a medical student's life.
I hope I am right about these myths, cause after being so long in this course, I don't remember the myths I use to know about or those that people talk about.

Maybe if any of you want to clarify any myth that you heard, post the question to me in the comments or email, I will try to answer you :)

1. Medical students are all nerds.

Definitely false. Not all of us are nerds, but there are some really nerdy people in my school. That doesn't make them weird or what. They are just really hardworking, and for that I praise them, cause hardwork pays off in medschool.

One fact is that, all of us are 'nerd' in a way because we always talk about studying. Most of us would plan to study everyday but sometimes fail and we always brag about the things we have not study cause its just too much!

For most of us I guess, studying everyday is like a 'should-do' and always at the back of our minds, but similar to everyone, we can't always do it heh :D

It doesn't mean we are nerds, we still party like normal people do ;D

2. Medical students have no life.

Not true.
Like I mentioned above, we DO have a life.
For me in Monash, first year and third year is more relaxing than the other years.
It doesn't mean I need not study, but I have less things to do and less hectic schedule.
Nevertheless still many things to read.

I do still have time to explore food around and go shopping HEHEHHE :D and blogging as you see ;)

3. Medical students are high class people who mingle around with themselves ONLY.

I don't think I would agree. I mean, many of us are from perhaps above average family.
However there are some of us who are under scholarship.
And we don't just mingle among ourselves.
All of us have friends beyond our meddies! Which, we do spend time with.
In uni we are a bit isolated because we have one building for ourselves away from every other courses building.
In addition to our very tight schedule we have not a lot of time to mingle around but we do try our best!

4. You need to be a prodigy to be a medical student. In other words, VERY VERY SMART.

Hmm, I agree that there are a lot of smart people in med school, but that doesn't mean you must be a prodigy, a genius or super duper intelligent to be a doctor.
You do need the brains, and the hard work though.
I can definitely say I am not a prodigy, not super smart.
Perhaps smart enough to enter, by the grace of God seriously.

But I can surely say, if you really want to take this course, just be ready to have a lot of studying, and a passion for it.
If you do not have the passion, you will struggle through it.
There will be a lot of reading, studying, tight schedule and things to do and a lot of expectations to meet.
But its all worth while if you are really passionate for it.
Lets hope not that you're joining because of money.

5. Medical students don't sleep.

LOL. Lack of sleep perhaps sometimes. Don't sleep is A LIEEE.
We do have and can have enough of sleep actually.
Other days when we have no exam, we are like everyone else can sleep anytime.
Yea we do have a lot of things to read and study, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't sleep.
When exam is here or hectic schedule with assignment loads and tons studying to do, then we don't have enough sleep.

I guess it really depends on the individual.
All of us are different. Thus our pattern of studying, amount of sleep and lifestyle is different.
I'm just typing this based on me and my point of view and from observing some of my meddies.

6. Female doctors don't marry till they are 40.

I have yet to graduate. Yet to know if that is true. However by far I don't think so.
Not all. Some do get marry at the age where most people get say before 30 LOL.
Oh wait, just forgot I am talking about medical student. HEH :D

There is one truth about us. Most of the time when we see holidays in our timetable our reaction is:

TIME TO CATCH UP WITH STUDIES ---------- ultimate truth. Most of us plan to do that, because we never have enough time studying, but most of the time..... I FAIL. HAHAHAH.
I'll end up playing all the way ;)


Nevertheless, you won't expect this girl here to be a medical student right? :P
Me with pink hair last year.
* OK, so I only had this hair during the holidays, not during school time. Crap. hahahaha Ciaooos!*


Monday, July 29, 2013

Day 27 15 Facts About Me

PHEW ! Yet another busy week has pass and another busy week is going to begin!
Just finish preparing and planning and celebrating my 21st! It is a good birthday indeed!
Another MCR (mini case reports, a practical exam for me) and assignment due soon for me so yeah, going to be busy busy busy again! :/

Anyways, 15 facts about me!
Well actually I don't know what should I write about me that would interest any of you, so I shall try to dig out the most interesting part of me (*doubt*) to write here.
Nawwwwwh just joking ;p
I feel I am kinda hyper now typing this post.

15 Facts About Erica!

1. My name is Erica, I am 12 21 as of the year 2013.

2. I am 3/4 chinese 1/4 indian.

3. I am a medical student in Monash, currently a 3rd year student as of 2013 !

4. I am christian, proud to be christian, and I love God! I love Jesus!!!

5. My favourite colour is PINK PINK PINK! I am such a typical girl. I like red grey and mint too!

616549_10150972824097862_1938523953_o 20130730_171229

Lol my room, photo courtesy from WENG, photo from my birthday last year.
Am in jb , so can't take picture of my room haha.
In the second picture, some of my stuff, I just love pink! ;P

6. The only sport I am good at is running. HAHAH that doesn't sound like sport does it?


My first 10km run in my life! Nike Run with my uni mates.
Took 1 hour 15minutes for the run! :) 
I use to run in school a lot too!
Next time when I am in KL I should take some pictures :)

7. I have interest in photography. Currently owns a Nikon D90. I am a slow learner lol.


Lumix GF2, 50mm F1.8 Nikon Lens, Nikon D90, Nissin Mark II Flash, and Fujifilm Instax mini 7S

8. I love piano! I can't play very well, but i love the sounds of piano.


Sorry for the poor quality picture. 
Took this picture from my old blog.
This picture is taken in my old house.
My piano now is in KL, so I have to take an old pic of my piano.
The only piano I have ! :)
Its key lighting though lolololol I feel so childish.

9. I love classical songs, it just give me the 'ohm' feeling haha. When I used to have piano classes I like to play classical songs.

10. I am crazy about shopping.....typical.


My closet now in jb. 
I still have 3 full closets in KL. HAHAHA.

 11. I can speak Cantonese, English, Malay, and a little of Chinese and Hakka.

12. I listen to English, Chinese, Cantonese, Japanese and Korean songs :)

13. I love fireworks and music boxes.

14. Favourite dessert : CHOCOLATEEEEE. Especially the melted ones.


Chocolate fondue from haagen daaz!
Ate this last year while outing with uni mates! 

15. Oh the final one, I shall write a longer one to conclude.
I am a petite girl, only 155cm, shy but very noisy, crazy, hyper and friendly when I am close to you, has that hidden temper that only the closest one knows, and the only child in the family :)


Sunday, July 28, 2013

Day 26 Something I Could Never Get Tired Of Doing

I am a very lazy person. When I saw that this is my blog post topic, few things that I like to do run through my mind.
Activities like running, taking photos, stoning, shopping, chilling and etc.

Like I said, I am a lazy person, I think the activity that rank no.1 for me to not get tired of doing is

*drum rolls*


HAHAHAH! So unproductive right!!

To be honest. I really like to sit somewhere do nothing and waste time! LOL.
I find that pretty 'fun'. Doing nothing just simply means surfing the net, looking at random stuffs.
I like browsing the net for random things I see, photos, fashion and what not.
So far I never get tired of doing that lol, because I feel like I want to do that everyday looking at my hectic schedule.

ANYHOWWWW, I shall not dwell in this topic of stoning because its so unproductive of me, I SHALL talk about the activity that ranks SECOND in my list !



Oh gawd, I don't know how is this consider productive.

Ya, me, LOL. In the form of clothes not shoes, well maybe shoes also.
Photo from google.

There are many things I like to do, even studying. I do like studying LOL. NO I NOT NERD :D
but I usually have those moments where I'll be too lazy to, like to lazy run, too lazy to study, too lazy to take photos and so on.

I guess shopping should rank highest in the list, cause I could never get bored of it.

Be it window shopping or real shopping, I just never get bored.
I like to stroll around in malls (perhaps this is really call stoning and waste time, oh dang I'm so unproductive LOL)
I like to look at stuff.

So basically sometimes when I see people wearing certain things I know where they get from. :P

I shop everywhere for everything..well almost.
I go to the cheapest place u can find, and to the above average but not exactly super expensive cause I don't think I can afford now as a student, maybe in the future.

I think I am a guy and a girl inside when it comes to shopping and looking at stuff.
I like the things my mum likes and the things my dad likes.

I see stuff from, clothes, bag, shoes, accessories to computers, tech stuff, camera stuff, music and so on.

The only thing that keeps me from shopping is budget. Living myself makes me have to pay for more stuff and increase expenses on my own allowance.
So its like restricting me from buying, I can't really resist to window shop only!! HEHEH :D

Sale is love!


Saturday, July 27, 2013

Day 25 Another Picture of Yourself

The literal meaning of the title 
Now what.

This title is pretty straight to the point ahaha still, read ahead! That picture was taken before leaving to Erica's 21st birthday. I made the floral headband myself, I thought that I would let Erica wear it since her hair color was washed off by chlorine a week before. I could not get myself to wear pink on me seriously! Accessories is the least I can comprise with. It was a pretty good night I must say, apart from sleeping at 4am.

That picture somehow seems like I am advertising that instax camera and I really want to sell it btw. No scratches no faulty I rarely take it out because at times I would just bring out my clutch or purse,  theres no room for it(so I bring a pack of film out as I know there will be a lot of people having these cameras anywhere haha). I don't save on my films I would randomly take picture at times because before this it was nothing like this. It brought me to realize I am seeing alot of myself in these instant films. wth I was thinking keeping one picture of myself in every occasion is enough instead sometimes I have 10. I'd rather keep instant film of others reminding how that day was or have others to keep my most good looking picture just so that would remember me prettiest. haha.

This is usually a give and take process but I do hope the buggers(I still love you all :D) that took actually keeps them!! Oh and I got really pumped to do the floral crowns so I went to pluck flowers around the park near my house. It turns out really nice but wilted 3 hours later D: So I  threw it away. I might post it on instagram later in the day maybe. :)

I realize this is a harder post to do than others, somehow I am not really inspired! Ciao ~

Yi Ru

Friday, July 26, 2013

Day 24 A Picture of Me Last Year & Now and How Have I Changed Since Then.

I had a hard time finding a picture of me last year. It is not like I am not vain like the usual girls but I guess I don't feel pretty most of the time since I always stayed up late. As a consequence, I have dark circles so I live with glasses most of the time. Hence, that explains the lack of vain pictures haha. After going through albums, I managed to get this picture (below) which was taken around July. Erica was having an assignment where she needs to produce anything that relates to her major; Medicine. So, she came out with the idea of doing a stop motion video about The Tale of a Med Student. Hence, Aaron and I were requested to act. 

In this picture: Aaron, Erica and Me

I would say that I am a happy girl who had lived my life comfortably since I am born. I am provided with security, caring family, a home, and just anything that is more than my basic needs. I am brought up in a really protective environment where my parents ensure minimal injuries on my sisters and me. I wasn't even allowed to go to Sport Days initially. As time goes by, I became fearful of trying and ultimately failing. So, my only aim in school was to achieve good grades and that is it. I guess I got lucky somehow, when my friends dragged me into volunteering activities. I started to get involved with more volunteering activities and it was at that moment that I wanted to do something for the people. It can be as simple as making the people around you feeling happy or a gesture of kindness. 

Last year, I was doing my usual volunteering activities but I realized a series of bad feelings I had about myself. Despite the fact that 2012 is a leap year, I think it was a 'leap' year for me too. I had always been low self-esteem because I think that I am not good enough, I am afraid of a lot things especially speaking on stage ( I have stage fright!), I am not skillful, yada yada. Worse of all, I tend to find excuses for myself. So, I decided that I need to get out of my comfort zone. And, what motivates me to go further is this quote:
“You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, 'I have lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.' You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”
- Eleanor Roosevelt
So, I started picking up tasks which seem hard to me. I failed at times and I made a lot of mistakes of course! Sometimes, it can be so scary that I couldn't sleep well. But, it was a really fun journey! :) When I am lucky, I get to meet really nice people who would give me a warm smile that calms me down haha. For each mistake I made, there comes a lesson I learnt. And, I am thankful that the Gen X whom I am working with for being so patient with me. What I can conclude now is that I am not afraid of trying something new. I am a better person with a better attitude. :) 

Lastly, this is a picture of me now. ;)


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Day 23 A Celebrity Crush

Gooood morning. Yes its morning and I just had a car accident again. Shits.. I booked a car servicing appointment in the morning and I was just thinking the day before it would be stupid to hit my car just before service -___-

"Hi, I'm stupid" well my car turns out fine (plastic car ftw!) The car infront dented :/ owh well. I made an agreement with Chloe that I would do a month challenge where I will not touch and use my phone when I drive. At times I would be replying my whatsapp and I was suppose to meet up with Chloe so she knows I'm driving. Yeah, busted. The more reason I should do this challenge then. 

Alright, this celebrity crush challenge are the hunks on my list and I would like to share with you guys but DIPS! 

Brad Pitt
Daddy and still hot as hell. No matter how much I look at that meme it will still make me lmao, brad pitt's distinctive feature is amazing. He is one of those actors that doesn't have dopplegangger among the celebrity. Though I don't think he look good with his hair long, #justsaying. 

Crush doesn't necessary have one right lol. I don't know bout you but guys I know they have a series of crush. I have my own variety of them as well lol who are potential, likely to have traits ideal for a dream man #blushes wtfwtf

Gordon Ramsay
Alpha cook. I'm developing an interest in cooking(easy-needless-to-wash-few-ingredient sort of cook) and he is dominant person. He seems to be clear what he want and he is bad tempered which sort of will like tame my temper in that way (wtf think too much). He has traits that draw the lines or contrast against him and jamie oliver. Both of them are great just so different. At least I hope ramsay will not have weird pedo names for his children like jamie oliver's rainbow teddy peach oliver... 

Joseph Gordon-Levitt 
Sleek, clean and mature. He seems that he can be really humorous but still stay cool in his form. I saw a tumblr on him the other day and found out that he could sing and his versatile character that he has. Joseph Gordon has that face that even if the sky falls on him he would still be calm and and this cool awesome face, fans of him would agree.

Daniel Wu
Asian. Fluent english spoken Hong Kong A-list celebrity who does not have much of bad rumour of! Not big that I would know of. Gentle look of his features can sometimes be photographed as a bad boy look. 'Don't Go Breaking My Heart ' movie made him the reason why my crush is for him. Plus, pairing with supermodel Lisa S. will make them a super couple ! #okayface

Ash Stymest
Killa Swag. Wth lol. It was love at first sight. I remember asking someone, how did you know who is ash stymest?? He replied "how can you not know who is ash stymest" =___= okay. English model who seems skinny not buff, drug addict look actually, but that is his own style. Maybe I'll cut his hair next. Haaa

I'm here at the service center with free coffee from them. Its relaxing having to wait here lols. They just told me my car is fine from the accident lol lucky me! Waking up early seems to be really great. Makes me feel great at least. So who's your celebrity crush? or am I too old for celebrity crush hmm?


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Day 22 A Photo of Somewhere I have been to.

I don't just think I want to put one photo of this place, I want to put several because this place is soooo pretty!!
Initially I wanted to put pictures of London, but I lost the photos I took when I when to London almost 10 years ago. My hard drive spoil and all the photos were gone. Sad.
I could get it from the net of course, but I thought it would be better ti put photos I took myself, which would give more meaning to it.

I haven't been travelling overseas for the past 10 years, because my parents are so busy with their work so I rather not pressure them to bring me overseas.
However I have been travelling around Malaysia with my med buddies during my sem breaks and its been quite a trip with them.

One of the places I visited last year was Perhentian islands.
We went to Kelantan first then we took the ferry to Perhentian Island, in other words in Malaysia its called Pulau Perhentian.


a beauty isn't it?

Oh gawd, I never knew this place is so beautiful!
Given that we are students, we decided to save money on our stay by staying in budget hotels.
Even so, the beach there is just so amazing.

We went to several islands nearby, including Redang Island, which is as beautiful!
We snorkel around there and , well since its my first time snorkelling I couldn't compared whether is it more beautiful than other places but I would say its a pretty amazing experience.

It just exposes me to the beauty of what lies under the sea.
Corals, fish, turtles, the ever scary jellyfish that I was running away from, baby sharks (no they didn't bite me lol)
The sea water there is so clear and blue, and the sand there is just so fine.


What I mean by really clear sea water..

The only place I could compare now is port dickson, as far as my memory is concern, that is the only beach condition I remember despite being to few others in Malaysia.
Port Dickson's beach are less blue, sand more 'goo-ey' and all in all I would say lost in beauty compared to Perhentian Island.

I guess perhaps Port Dickson is really near to KL people so its easier to opt to go there, but nevertheless Port Dickson is still okay :)


water is so clear that it is as though the boat is floating on nothing! The ripples gave it away.

Whenever I get a chance to see all these beautitful places, it just reminds me of one thing, how amazing God is.
God's creativity is beyond imagination.
All these beauty in the world we could ever find, nature and all sorts, come from ONE creator, God himself.
Its just mind-blowing when these things seems so beautiful and you ponder, how did God even think of this?!
Well I guess, God is God. :)


I took this picture. The bridge was not submerged in water at night, and was at least 2 meters or more from the ground.
When morning I came back the whole bridge was submerged. 
I find this so cool! :P

Anyways, I would totally recommend anyone of you who have never paid a visit to Perhentian or Redang islands to give it a go.
Its just realllllyy beautiful I would say.
Maybe some places would be more beautiful than this, but I guess this is something Malaysia has to make herself beautiful.

* but I did get really dark from all the sun exposure from snorkeling. Wear sunscreen please! EXTENSIVELY! ;D*


sorry for a strand of hair on the bottom left of the picture. Difficulty taking the picture of the feet of my own LOL. 
Standing on the submerged bridge.

Some photo courtesy to Sean Hui, some pictures taken by him and some by me because I used his camera during the trip :)


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Day 21 A Photo of An Animal I'd Love to Keep As A Pet.

I have always wanted a dog!

I think this fondness was built a long time back when I was still a kid. I used to stay in a single terrace house with my grandparents when dogs intrude into our house from time to time. So, my Grandma would prepare some food and milk for the dog. There are even birds who flew in for food! Knowing that I am in love with dogs, Grandad will occasionally bring me to Pasar Malam to get the Jumping Walking Dog Soft Toy just to satisfy my desire of getting a dog. This toy was the coolest toy I ever had since it walks, barks and it can make a 360 degree jump! *still in awe

Expectedly, I have a lot of dog soft toys when I was a kid. But, my favorite would be Snoopy! He is like my best friend which I carry everywhere :). However, one day, my little cousin loses her Snoopy soft toy so my mum decided to give mine away to her without my permission :(. You can imagine how heartbroken I was. I was really upset and am still is complaining about it to my mum.

Anyway, I also love watching dogs cartoons or movies. Just to name a few, there are 101 Dalmations, Pluto in Mickey Mouse, Scooby Doo and Courage The Cowardly Dog. I was so crazy over dogs that I would cry over a scene in a movie where the dogs got kidnapped. And, Grandad would make it worse by teasing me that the dogs are not going back home haha.

If you were to ask me about my ambition when I was a kid, I will tell you that I want to be a Veterinarian to save dogs. As a grown up now, I am aware of the cases of abused dogs and abandoned dogs. So, I decided to adopt a dog from the shelter instead of buying it from the pet shop which will help save some dogs from being put into sleep. Just months back, I saw a pup walking under the rain when I was in the car passing by it. So, I reversed the car and opened my door wanting to bring it home until I saw its mum running and barking at me from the opposite direction hahaha. Well, I still love dogs and still want to bring home one some days. At present, all I can do is to plan a day to help in the dog shelter! :)


Monday, July 22, 2013

Day 20 The Meaning Behind Our Blog Name


Mishpochas w Description

Have you ever seen this word? What word is this? English? Spanish? French? Italian? Some weird name that we came up with?

Its actually Yiddish. Yiddish in a way is Jewish, a High German language of Ashkenazi Jewish, fusion of different German dialects in particular Hebrew, Aramaic and Slavic. - Reference from Wikipedia.

I have no idea what is Yiddish, thats why I have to google it :P

So how did we come up with this name? One of us know Yiddish?
Definitely not. Though I'm Christian but I am not Jewish.

Anyways, before we started this blog, we were celebrating Chloe's 21s birthday.
We came up with the idea that we should start a blog with three of us being the authors.
After being all excited about this, we got stuck at trying to find the right name for the blog.

All weird names came out. Since three of us are very very different people, we were thinking of synonyms for 'different' like distinct, unique etc. However, those aren't good names.

While we were thinking of the names we had late night coffee after dinner still thinking about the name.
I couldn't remember clearly, but it was name of foods, something like
'banafee, red velvet, banana cake??' Oh dear I don't remember anymore.

Then it was late so we were heading home, still with no good names in our hands to start the blog.
Whilst in the car, either Yiru or Chloe on Yiru's phone, and the app appeared.

They had the word of the day, ' Mishpocha '

Mishpocha means :

mishpocha \mish-PAW-khuh, -POOKH-uh\ , noun:
an entire family network comprising relatives by blood and marriage and sometimes including close friends; clan.

Well someone used the name mishpocha, so we added a 'S' to it to become MishpochaS.

So we were learning how to pronounce the word, and the meaning seem appropriate, cause we are like friend/family..omg ew hahahhha.
But yeah, we totally felt this was the right one, that feeling when you know ' EUREKA! THIS IS THE ONE! '

So we started everything based on this name itself, and ta da!
Here is our blog today, Mishpochas :)


Sunday, July 21, 2013

Day 19 A TV show I am currently addicted to.

I have been so busy lately!

I haven't been watching a lot of TV since med school started. Mostly because I would always feel guilty after taking all the time to watch TV and not study.

The only times I watch TV now is when I eat dinner at home ( when I used to be back in KL, and when I go back to KL )

Usually my parents will take away food after their work and watch TV while we eating dinner together. They usually watch Astro On Demand, my parents love Hong Kong drama. I've been watching Hong Kong drama with my parents since young. Until Astro on Demand came it was quite heavenly to them LOL.

So anyways , I don't really watch TV nowadays since I am in JB, so I don't have any show that I am currently addicted to. However I was addicted to one of the Astro On Demand show that had ended almost a week ago.

I was watching this during my two weeks holiday in KL, a change of heart.
They had one of the actors that I quite like, Bosco Wong! :D 

I continued watching it in JB, streaming online even though I usually don't stream movies cause of my slow internet.

Its not a doctor movie, but I recommend it! :)

Thats all I can say for this really, this topic is so not me cause I don't really watch TV or stream shows.
This is like so challenging for me to write!


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Day 18 What's in Your Purse

Would this be awkward if this my period week. Loaded with pads in the picture :/ shy. I never thought that looking into someone's bag can be so curious. I find it disrecpectful to look into someone's bag actually. Happened to me at work, I was feeling abit wtf won't you? Though I'm not taking my usual 'purse' picture that I bring to work. (I have apple, green tea bags huge ass measuring tape etc). Super messed up. 

This was what happen when I poured it out excluding those papers and shits. So happen to have this in my phone. I'll now show your more of a constructed version lols. Seeing into a lady's bag define who they are? I would say probably. 

Haha I don't bring out my wallet. I remember last time when I followed a school trip to Cameron or Pangkor, that time I didn even have my I.C out yet. So i didn use a wallet. Just money in my pockets. 

This is really my casual rushing out purse, I.C just at times that Elmo might not be in my purse. Yes thats a red glove. Its either in my purse or in my bag always at least. Of course theres my phone lol which I'm holding. Em I dont usually bring make up stuff out. Wow shits this post really reveal alot! Ciao! 


Friday, July 19, 2013

Day 17 A Photo of The Item I Last Purchased.

Reader's Digest is a magazine that kept me thrilled monthly. It is something I look forward to because it keeps me connected to the world. Well, that is how I feel. I may not have travelled around the world but through all these life time stories written by people all over the world, I get to feel a sensation of how the world is. 

In the July issue 2013, Reader's Digest asked J.P. Hansen to come up with a six-point plan - his Bliss List - to help people to get the key to achieving the their goals. According to Hansen, the key to achieving your goals is to clearly understand what makes you happy. It sounds easy, right? So, do not complicate your life further haha

List what you love

1. Identify your passions. Hansen calls them the six spokes of bliss - spiritual, relational, financial, emotional, physical and intellectual goals. Write these six goal types across the top of a piece of paper and underneath them, write 15 things that will make you happy.
2. Keep it simple. No shocking revelations or surprises? Don't be fazed.
3. Narrow your list. Concentrate on the top seven goals - you will see better results than if you try to pay equal attention to all 15 on the list.
4. You can change it. Don't be afraid to tweak your list as your goals evolve or are accomplished.
5. Acknowledge your achievements. Appreciate your successes as you go.
6. Ask the questions. For each future decision, ask yourself: is this supporting my Bliss List goals? 
 Source: Reader's Digest July issue 2013 

So, here I present you my Bliss Board!

The Bliss Board is placed near my bed. I had just narrowed down my list last week. The board is pretty empty now since I have not started spicing it up with my "inspirational ingredients". If you are wondering about the string over there, it was accidentally made and one day, I just decided to hang my glasses there. And then, I started putting more things there haha. Anyhow, I am loving it since it helps save some space on my desk. Next, I will consider putting up a huge calendar (since I always jot down important dates), a world map (a dream of mine to travel around the world), and my favorite pictures with my favorite people. :)


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Day 16 A Photo of your Favourite Place to eat

Argh.. This is frustrating having just able to choose one or to even think about one !! Some people would find it a nuisance to think about just what to eat today especially during the times while I'm in office. It was only 10am (works starts at 9.30am for me), there would be like "Where are we going for lunch??" or dad would always ask "What do you guys want for dinner?" mum would be the one lost ;/. They are not indecisive they don't even want to think about it!

Though for office I settled the problem by making a ballot box ! Haha I filled in the restaurants that we usually go or good food, different cuisine, fast on serving etc etc. So each day when no one are with cravings we would draw lots then realize at times this can be a bad idea because for 3 consecutive days I drew "claypot chicken rice" lol!

I don't mind trying new things but when it says favorite it would be a place where you recommend and its near your place plus you would go very often right. That aside being my favorite is due to their ambiance as well. So that is how I see it. Its at Cheras near Leisure Mall (thats near for me!) and its steamboat/hotpot whatever you gonna call it.

Dragon Door Steamboat 龙门客栈火锅店 when I first heard the name I was like "Fuhh. so kungfu the name!" So ancient and tradition and all. I really appreciate the restaurants that has concepts and tie in together with their name. This whole restaurant milked every corner of the place. Good designer I must say ;D! Scroll ahead for their interior!

Facade of the restaurant. I've tried the wantan mee (which has the same concept as well) is good wantan mee ;) no complains at least. The boss was really nice where he almost recommend me for a job lol!
Pay for wan tan mee, get job offer. Not bad ;D

Having a void in the middle is what I really like about retail shops

What I mentioned about H2T! Polished from head to toe and into the toilet as well ;)

Their steamboat nevertheless being tradition as well, so traditionally its coal-heated so there will not be any knobs to turn. I wont tell you coal-heated hotpot would be nicer because it has the original coal smoky flavor and loaded with whatever taste; I just know you gonna go home having a heavy stench stronger than some other hotpot restaurants. Though I never find this a problem because I would seldom go other steamboat restaurants is because they have prepared  per pax with all their fishball in ball shape, noodle shape, UFO shape, rectangular shape .... etc etc. I don't like fishball -.-

I wont say that they serve non-processed food but at least I get to choose what I eat and what I don't. The most important key to hotpot is the sauce. I really get to choose what I eat here haha though they do have a formula you can give it a try if you are clueless.

 Condiments from Dragon Door steamboat. Since you are reading from Mishpochas, I'll let you know on a tip ! Put everything ! hahaha
LOL. This is mine. Hahaha
Although I hate fishball their mushroom ball are good there ;D

They have Herbal Soup, Pork Bone Broth to Hot and Spicy(Rm19~Rm21 you can opt for dual soup base as well)! I think they have stuff that goes into your soup base as well like chinese wine and all. I did not try to order, what if i screw it up D: ?! haha 
Their hot and spicy did not give me a numbing experience though but I brought my Taiwanese friend there once and he say they serve it pretty much alike in Taiwan as well. So that's the verdict from my Taiwanese friend.

Oh yeah, they have BBQ there as well ! Although I've been there so many times I never really tried. I am very focus with my steamboat ;/ I don't know whether do you still have to book a place on the weekends because they've recently expanded their seatings as well. So they have more tables now. I remember having to leave as their restaurants were full on the weekends. 

// Its consider a good and quite reasonable(except for their egg . Rm1 ! LOL) steamboat to go to. Though I scare myself each time I order because I really finish everything :D Imagine I can eat Rm75 per person, w/o beer that is. No noodles,no rice. Heh ~

Dragon Door Steamboat RestaurantNo.18-1, Jalan Manis 4,Taman Segar, Cheras,56100 Kuala Lumpur.Telephone: 03.9130 1062Business Hours: 5.00pm-12.00am (Weekdays), 3.00pm-12.00am (Weekend)

Yi Ru

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Day 15 Your Favourite Movie

We are half way down our mark! Haha I must say this is actually quite fun but I'm having these "favourite-favourite moment" kinda 'mehhh'. So I'm going to make this as interesting as possible! I have this problem with movie that I don't like to watch meaningless movie. Those that are lame as shit where people watch just for the sake of watching. Okay so having all the great movies being premiered on cinema its not fair to choose 1! Haha just to make my life a little bit easier I made a few category to ease my writing. Feel free to share your own ones also.

My Favourite Disney Movie! 
First to warm up. Finding Nemo! When I was young i would love to watch disney at 7.30pm its where they have no commercial and it goes on for 2 hours. I don't usually have original DVD for movies but I proudly own Finding nemo's! Wahaha. I wont tell you that I download right what if you call the police on me. wtf


Your favourite Actor's Movie!
Mine actually haha. Of course he is none other than Brad Pitt!! Blink lights* I love him in 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons'. That sharp feature, blonde hair, hot body :/ haha then only I watched him as badass in 'Fight Club'! Even more awesome. 
Can move somemore LOL!

Your favourite Actress's Movie
Well when you have favourite actor of course you have favourite actress. Mine would be Anne Hathaway! *applause* I know people would agree with me that she is awesome(and amazing tits,shits; -from Love and Other SexDrugs). I've watched most of her movie though how great people say Lès Misèrables would be, I couldnt get myself to concentrate. Its just not my type of movie. But I was stunt when she sang. That was the only part that made me look at the movie :/ Putting that aside my favourite of Anne Hathaway would be 'The Devil Wears Prada' super glam~


Movie That you Practically Know the Whole Script of;
".. Women comes to New York in search of two 'L's ; Labels and Love." - Sex and the City. I'm a sucker for chick flicks which is pathetic just to remind myself that ".. You know this is just a fairytale right, sweetie, I mean things like this don't always happen in real life." :P haha. What can I say, I watched it too many times. I was thinking to write Burlesque but its not effective, cause what if someone ask me about their lyrics. I would be like f*

Yes thats a bird. I'd love to be like this. ;) Vivienne Westwood

Oldest in My List
Oldest as in the era of the movie? Anyway, 'The Pianist' would be my oldest I think. I don't think anyone would expect I'm someone who will like the Pianist. If you don't know the Pianist, let me tell you its nothing like the title. Its a German War movie when it was an Anti-Jewish era. Polish was meant to be shot death. So this story is base on the real thing. A truly recommended movie!

Update- I then read that the lead actor in this movie actually wanted to know how it felt to lose everything so he could get into his character more. So he sold his car, he sold his apartment, disconnected his cell phone and dumped his girlfriend.

A Movie That Made You Cry.
Only good movie would make you cry right. Indubitably that would be a good movie or your are a tear jerky. To me it would be a good movie as its hard for me to cry in a movie unless coincidentally I could relate to that. First movie that made me cry was 'Toy Story 3'. I was told that I would cry as well. Till the part where they were about to go in flames I did not cry. So I was like, 'mehhh. who said I would cry..' It was till Andy was about to give his toys away to Bonnie.... thankgodIwaswatchingalone. Lol. That's that. Oh and I actually cried in 'The Pianist', it really moved me I must say looking at their cruelty.

Favourite Animal Character in the Movie!
Haha I've given long thoughts about this. Fairly interesting and it struck me that King Julien(Madagascar) is my favourite! The narcissistic skunk (king julien is a primate wow!). I was asking around as well and my younger brother being lame as ever shouted "RICHARD PARKER" -Life of Pi wtf LOL!

Grabbed this from Google ;/
"Do you mind going back? Its nothing personal, its just that we are better than you"

First Movie that You've Watched in the Cinema.
It was hard for me to trace my roots back but compare to some mine would be easy. I don't usually go to the movies even as family till I was 12 or 13 I think. So I was searching today I think mine would be Alien VS Predator I still remember I sat quite upfront to the screen. Can you believe it, AVP has been out for 11 years. I discussing this with my colleague where at first I thought 'Rob-B-Hood' was my first.

She said "what, rob-b-hood seems to be a recent movie.."
"I watched Rob-b-hood when I was Form 2(14years old)" .. haha she stunt and said 'I hate you' because I made her feel really old(She was 28 that time).

Most Mind Blowing Movie.
Okay this is getting really long I think I can talk about this whole day even I have not watch alot of movies. I had to incorporate this into my list it would be 'Inception'. Dafuq, the city of Paris actually folds up. Creating amazing architecture like moving a chess piece. Designing dreams and trying to control them. Wow?
In the end the totem kept spinning I actually anticipated till the end of the credits even to listen to the totem falling.ugh. orgasms...

How would people think "Oh why not I just fold the city into a box.." whuut.

This is getting too long. But it was fun to write having to think some of the categories. There are lots of great movies that went unmentioned in this post but of course maybe in future there will be chance to share it I hope. It was pretty hard, 1 in every category! I researched a bit on the categories before posting of course. Alright. Ciao!


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Day 14 Something I Crave A Lot

Actually, I crave for nothing at all materiallistically.

I have been acting weird(in a good perspective) recently. When I am stucked in a jam, I thought to myself "I am so lucky that I am not in Jakarta", which is true because it takes about an hour to actually reach a km plus! When I fill up my bottle while waiting for the small stream of water flowing from the tap into my bottle, I thought to myself "The water will slowly accumulate and the bottle will be filled (duh!)". But, I actually reflected my life upon this incident, that I need to work hard consistently (just like the small stream of water), accumulate knowlegde and experience(filling up the bottle) and live my life to the fullest(a filled bottle of water)! Maybe I sound lame but yea. I am actually appreciating every little things that is occuring in my daily life.

Here is a status updated by a friend of mine on Facebook which says:

"Don't talk about the goal of your Life. What is your goal for Today? If it is not to be better and to be happier, then you have wasted Today."

I think that is a good point to reflect on your life everyday. My fear, besides insects, would be the fear of living my life without a dream. I had always think that women without a dream is ugly. I am emphasizing on women here because I like the idea of being independent and strong Haha. I want to be someone who is capable of holding my dream and making it happen. 

So, I would conclude that dream is that something I crave a lot. ;)


Monday, July 15, 2013

Day 13 What is in my makeup bag

Phew! Finished with MCR finally have time to blog.

To be honest, I am not really a make-up person. I just started to get a little interested probably around this year, a little interest last year only.
Only this year when I started to explore a little more about it, how to apply some stuff but still am not fully good at it yet.

My level is probably as good as a high school girl who just started exploring about makeup.

The reason why I was not interested was because I did not like the feeling of heaviness have on your face.
Although I discover BB cream few years ago, I use it very infrequently.
I realllly don't like the feeling of having something on my face, and always having the fear that it will smudge off and stuff when I rub my eyes or face etc.

I have bad sinus, and my sinus comes at random times.
So when it comes I rub my nose and eyes a lot, and lol, I worry that it will destroy the 'makeup' I have on.

I prefer more on clear face, more on skincare.
I prefer to be pretty without makeup, even light makeup.
At most I would only still prefer light makeup only.

My face feels lighter and healthier and fresh.

I am in dermatology posting now, and dermatologists sure are good looking !!
They really do know how to take care of their skin.
Thats why I think, skin care is really important.

If you don't have good skin, no matter how thick your makeup is you can't cover everything right?
Besides, you wouldn't want people to have their jaws drop when you don't have makeup on.


sorry for the specks of dust on my table :/
Just finish MCR so no time to clean my room.

So this is the stuff I have.
I have this amount is because I am trying out which is good for me.
I don't know if this is consider too much or I am having much less than what other girls have.

Eyebrow pencils, BB cream, lip balm, Primer, Concealer, eyeliners and brushes.


My BB cream, concealer, and primer.
Skinfood Peach Sake Pore BB cream SPF20 PA+
Skinfood Salmon Dark Circle Concealer Cream
Skinfood Black Egg Pore Primer

So bascially all these are from skinfood.
I quite like skinfood for the face because its made from natural ingredients.
Yeah there are a lot of other brands that are made from natural ingredients too but personally I like skin food the most because they work well for me.
They treat my skin well and does not give me any outbreaks. It is also not too heavy on my face.

I particularly like the primer because after applying it, it gives my face a very smooth surface to put on the BB cream.
I feel like there is more protection on the face from all the makeup I am going to put later.

Since skinfood is from korea, I feel is better suited to asian faces.


Eyeliners and eyeshadows that I have.
Its all IN2IT except one.

IN2IT Waterproof Eyeliner Pen (very black) and Eyeshadow Pen (the eyeshadow pen came free along with the eyeliner pen)
IN2IT Waterproof Eyeliner Crayon Black
IN2IT Waterproof Gel Liner Dark Brown
Clio Waterproof Pencil Liner Kill Brown

Silkygirl Double Intense Duo Eye Shadow Mocha Latter

I went crazy with IN2IT once because I heard a good review from a friend and wanted to try everything.

So far IN2IT is okay, I wouldn't say its the best, I think I am still exploring for better eyeliners :)
As for the clio I have, I don't really like it because its really hard to draw for me!!
Probably I don't have the skills. 

Finally for the eye shadows, I don't really use it. I only use to to darker some parts of the eye or lighten it at some corners for more depth.
I also put some on the nose for depth also.


I have two eyebrow pencils.

Cyber Colors Auto Eyebrow Pen Brown
Empro Triangular Brow Pencil Natural Brown

Personally I love eyebrow pens!
I think this is my favourite item in all makeup items I have / available.
It just defines your brow, changes your look without being obvious.

I used cyber colors first but after discovering empro, I am definitely in love with it.
I like it because its a triangular brow pencil, its easier to draw and shape your brows with the shape of the pencil.
Also the colour of this pen is very natural, it makes your brows pretty and natural.

I recommend this!


Brushes I have. It comes in a set. 
Its Vocemoda Tools Salon.
I just bought it so I don't really know how to use it yet but I will soon!


Finally lip balm.

I had this a long time ago I forgot the name already.
Its Honey Lip Balm from Skinfood.

So basically thats what I have.
I use a lot of Skinfood products because I find it quite good.
I am using their skincare too, and it really take cares of my skin.
I am not saying I have good skin now, but it was better than before.
Maybe might post a review about their skincare next time.

By the way, MCR is mini case reports.
Its like mini exams where the students have to take a history from patients or examine them in front of tutors and they will access you. Its pretty scary exam if you have strict tutors.
I have 6 to go through this year, Pass 3 already, 3 more to go! :)