Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Dip Dye Your Own Shorts!

I think I have t say I am busy whether I have holidays or not lols! I am so often out that I come back exhausted. Meeting up with people and what not.

Anyways for today, I just want to share something I tried during this holidays. 
Been wanting to do this for quite sometime but did not have the chance. I got inspired, 'taught' by my friend Pei Nee! :)

I dip dyed my pants pink! I always wanted to get a dip dye shorts but then I found out if I can do it myself, why not give it a try? So here it is, how I did it!

Lets begin!

So first get a shorts that you want to sacrifice, ok no I mean you want to dye.

Choose the colour you want it to be dyed. You can get the fabric dye at any art shop.
I got mine at the art shop in The Gardens. They have a range of colours you can choose from.
I chose my favourite colour pink!

I can't remember the price but if not mistaken is around RM 11.90

There are instructions at the back of the dye but its more for dying the whole piece of fabric and not dip dyeing.

First, you damped your shorts. Soak it in water or anything to get it damp first.

Then you have to prepare 5 tablespoon of salt, and a pail of hot water mix with warm.

I just turn the hot water from my shower place to maximum heat and fill the pail.
The resulting temperature I got was slightly hotter than warm.

Then you add the salt into the pail,

 and then add the dye.
It looks really pretty went I poured it in! Too bad the pail was red so you can't really see it from here.

Stir the mixture until you think its enough and then, insert pants!

So how I did the gradient?
I insert my pants till the level which I want the pink to be, and then leave it for say 10 secs, pull up an inch or so and leave it for another 10 secs and so on.
Once I reach almost the bottom, I leave it there to soak for 15 minutes because I want the bottom part to have the darkest shade of pink.

Yes I am wearing gloves. Don't want to dye my fingers!

You can improvise on that on yourself to create the effect you want on your pants.

Stir in on and off when soaking because some dye might not be mix properly during the first time we stir it. It might cause stains here and there that will ruin the pattern you want your pants to be.

So this was after 15 minutes before I rinse it :)

After 15 minutes, rinse the pants with warm water for a few times. I rinse it around 5times.
It is not necessary to rinse till the colour does not come out anymore.
Let it dry!

and you could wear it after letting it dry but I opt to wash it cleaner for the last time and it turned out okay!
The outcome is shown at the first and second picture up there when the shorts are totally dried!
So voila! Your very own dip dye shorts! :) You can use the same method to dip dye your other stuffs too like shirts jackets and shoes.
Enjoy and give it a try!

Lastly, Merry Christmas! :)


Friday, December 13, 2013

Occasional Rendezvous 001 - Steamboat and Coffee

Did you see each other today?
- Yeap! 

- Sigh yes.

- Yeaa.

What did y’all do together?

- We ate dinner together and had coffee and cake together. Casual meetups.

- We decided to have steamboat since we all love it. So i brought them to Dragon door steamboat. We then decided to go for coffee as well.

- Yi Ru had cravings for steamboat so we went for steamboat. I was craving for Japanese food though. 

Did anything interesting happen?

- Well, there were a few things. We went hunting for a coffee which is located at an odd place. When we finally found it, it was close. Bummer. Then we went to another one nearby and the coffee there suck. Yi Ru prepared to leave to hunt for another shop so I finished my cup of mocha in 5 minutes LOL! Hot mocha , HOT HOT mocha. Oh my throat.

- Ridiculously was "lets go somewhere near for coffee" end up we were in ss17 and I said Damansara was too far for coffee. wtf. We wanted to go butter+beans which is located at an odd place. So we settle in an coffee shop there. It was so bad but that place had alot people talking about it. Chloe backfires "..for what" lol! Also, we were in Kaffa when we almost made 'acquaintance' with the guys next table. I think they would think that I have a dirty mind because Erica was suppose to plug the charger underneath the seat and the guy wasn't helping. I quoted, "the scene would be very wrong if she go down" 

- Ca and I thought that it will be hot since we are going to have steamboat so we wore a casual tee and a pair of shorts. Upon reaching the restaurant Yi Ru instructed, it was air-conditioned haha. Luckily, it was ok-temperature xD. After dinner, we went for coffee hunt (took a few 'minor' wrong routes before we arrive). I thought the coffee place was quite different as it was located below the apartments in SS17. The first coffee place we intended to go closes at around 8pm so we went to a nearby one named 'MM Cafe'. As usual, I got Hot Chocolate. It was slightly sweeter than Milo and Erica got Latte which tasted a little like Milo haha. Yi Ru, on the other hand, being a professional in coffee observed the thickness of the foam, felt the temperature and gave her professional verdict haha. Apparently, MM Cafe is quite good (based on foursquare) but nahh. 

Darren, we have you surrounded ;/
Thats Darren's Cheesecake, their latte was great, milky and sweet (without adding sugar)
I forgot their beans used that day, should have asked.
Chloe having their hot chocolate.

Did you learn anything new about each other?

- Think I will talk about Yi Ru today instead. This has a tie to the previous question.
I just got to know that Yi Ru is leaving for Italy really soon. Probably another few weeks more only.

- Chloe wants to wear jeans on her wedding. and they are scare of grass.

- While heading to the dinner place with Erica, I was telling her "I hope Yi Ru leaves Malaysia asap." Later at dinner, Yi Ru told us that she is leaving in 3 weeks time. Instantly, I miss her. She was right in front of me but it feels so far lol (kind of exaggerated but yea, I was not ready to accept it). Last but not least, Yi Ru wants a black dress and a black diamond ring for her wedding. 

Did you learn anything new about yourself?

- I like the Kaffa cheese cake we tried. HAHA.. and that I am in shock that Yi Ru is leaving so soon. 

- YOURSELF LAH ^ !! That I'm not scare of grass #grins. My knowledge for coffee has grown! Plus I realize I would really like to get to know more strangers in coffee shops. I hope this culture grow within KL and going coffee shop is not just because its mainstream. 

- Yi Ru talked about plan B in life. And, I don't have one. This keeps me pondering. 

Is there anything that you want to do differently?

- If only I had known earlier then I probably spend more time with her before I won't see her for another *unknown number* of years. SO CHEESY HEH!

- I would have ordered more lamb slices for the steamboat probably. We had alot of awkward silences in between but I hope I can be open with them more often really.

We also should have took more pictures though its weird for us to do that at least. 

Wear nicer? But I was just done with exam and was too tired to think of what to wear..mehhh. Besides that, nothing much haha. I enjoyed hanging out with them <3 *winks

vroom -.-

Big head should never hold the camera.

Additional comments?
- I guess this is like a confession time. When she told me she was leaving so soon, I put on a poker face. As if I was calm that its okay. Actually, no matter how disgusting this is going to sound, I was actually shock that it was so soon. I got a bit upset that I only left that little time to see her and I am slightly powerless to see her more than I think I should. But I am also happy for her that she finally get to go the place that she wanted to study since long ago. So YAYERS! 

- It feels kinda empty even after the meeting or still numbing. Maybe because there were still alot for me to think about as of now. Still I'm glad to see them after so many months and more months to come as I just told them I'm going to Italy. 

- I will be all alone in KL when Erica is back in Johor while Yi Ru flies to Italy. sighs :') 

These questions were adapted and tweaked slightly from this website where we all find interesting.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Prime Lens, The Adventure.

One of my favourites! 

Say, I love photography....and, I'm a hypocrite.
OK just joking.

I have my camera for 3 years plus now almost coming to the fourth and recently for my 21st birthday I bought a prime lens.
Nikkor 50mm F1.8.

For the past 4 months of having the lens I have never really actually tested it out. I mean I did take a few pictures and got very satisfied with the bokeh it gives me, but I still think I haven't tried it enough.
This year because Sean is not here, I have sort of taken the role to take pictures in my friends' birthdays.

Being a newbie with prime lens, its not very easy for me to take pictures during events cause I am yet to be comfortable with it. With all the hustle and bustle during birthdays and what not I usually can't focus using a new lens and trying to pick out the right mode to use.

*I know! I am a total noob in photography still cause I don't really practice often!*

So YES. I just recently came back from Penang. I decided to bring the prime to test out in Penang since I sort of wasn't the main photographer there. So I could take the ease of taking any photos I want at my own pace and freedom.

and the outcome?

AMAZING! I am pretty impressed with the REALLLLLY pretty photos that turned out by just using prime.
Also with some lightroom editing to it , it just becomes amazing.
I was so happy with most if not all the photos that was taken during Penang using the prime.
The bokeh, the colour, the result, UGH SO BEAUTIFUL !

I still think there is more to it than just this, and that I have yet to discover the lens' full potential. I WILL. SOON.

So my role here, is to share the photos I have taken using the prime here. ENJOY! :)

Same leaf but edited differently for a different feel to it.

DSC_3781 DSC_3788

Some human potraits samples..


of course I didn't take this. Paul took this :) 





and some scenery photos taken with the prime.. no bokeh here! 


The remaining photos are the ones which I think are really pretty too but its all taken by Wen Qi.
 Credits to him! 



Still have much room for improvement!

To whoever that is reading, if you can, leave some comments and tell me what you think of the photos!
Thanks and ciao!


Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Healthy Snack

I know most of us love to snack. Whenever we feel slightly hungry or just our mouth being itchy we feel like eating something but we don't want to eat something heavy.
Snacks that most of us resort to are usually unhealthy.

I am quite sure people have googled the many choices of healthy snacks we can eat on.
For me, I like nuts, so this is my version of healthy snack.
This is for people who likes nuts and fruits like me.

First! Go to the supermarket! Haha, buy your nuts and fruits.
I really suggest that you buy those that you see in transparent containers (in Malaysia). Those are the ones without salt nor oil they are just the nuts themselves.
If you think that they are costly I would say otherwise because the total up of the price is cheaper than buying packets of mix nuts itself which are small doesn't last us very long.
Mixing it yourselves would amount up to a big box of nuts and fruits.
Depending on your speed of snacking, the box usually last me for a few months.

As for the fruits, buy the dried fruit packets that you find in supermarket. Keep in mind to check the ingredients and nutrition table.
Make sure their sugar content is not too high (if there is none even better) or if their is no preservative, that makes an even better choice if you could find. Find the most healthy pack you could find there with no salt/sugar added in the packet. If you can't then find the one with the lowest level of salt/sugar :)


Sorry for the blur picture. I just realized its blur. I was rushing to take the picture cause I wasn't doing this myself. So I didn't want to make my friends wait.

ANYWAYS! So you can choose any nuts basically. Whichever you like.
For my choice I chose pumpkin nuts, almonds, hazelnuts, and sunflower seeds to start off.
I think I might want to add walnut to it the next time.


So this is my choice of fruits. As you can see from the picture, dried mango, raisins (they are of different colour!! Yay! hahaha) and cranberries.
Cranberries are good for girls!


OK BASICALLY, before we did what we did in the picture, we actually roasted the nuts in the oven.
I didn't take a picture of that as well because you know, I am doing it with friends.
Roast it to your liking, how long you want, how roasted you want it to be.

Roasting makes the nuts much much tastier than it already is SO please roast it its really nice!!! 
(getting really excited over the roasting part LOL)
You just pour out the nuts and put it in the oven for however long you want :)
No oil no anything.

Then you put them in a air tight container, and then you cut the fruits into small pieces to put in together with the box.


Pour everything in! See the roasted colour of the sunflower seeds which is most obvious.
The box in the pictures are not air tight. It was just for temporary because I hadn't gotten one yet.
Get an air tight container so that you could keep the nuts for a longer time without air entering and spoiling them :)


Then TADA!! mixed and ready to eat!

Eating nuts and fruits is a very healthy snack and nutrition (all which I don't remember please google hahahahahahahha)
The only one I remember is pumpkin nuts boost your I munch on them like crazy when I am studying in hope that I remember more LOL.
But yes, is low on fat, healthy, and makes a very tasty and awesome snack!!!
So try it out!

Want to give a shout out to Terry, Terrence Chiew, for teaching me how to make this awesome snack!
It is very simple of course like DUHH, just that he added the roasting part which totally change my views and liking to this snack.
Thanks Terry!